Friday, February 18, 2005

When Does The "Last Time" Mean The Last Time?

Obviously not when John Farnham is involved. A couple of years ago he promoted his "Last Time Tour" and it sucked a lot of people in to pay exhorbitant prices to see this great icon, and ego, of Australian music just one more time.

A year or two later he was doing some more singing on another tour, and he's touring with Tom Jones at the moment. Somebody sued him for false advertising, rightly so, as "The Last Time" should mean that we never have to hear from him again. Which may be altogether too soon anyway.

Now his management has been planning for five months to give a concert at the 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. Thank you Helen Clark, the Kiwi Prime Minister. She said that it would be inappropriate for a concert to be held with John Farnham singing. I couldn't agree more. Gallipoli should be a solemn ceremony where our respects can be paid to those that fell fighting for freedom for everyone. Not some blue light disco or dance party. Who the bloody hell does John Farnham think he is? More like who he was in my opinion.

Helen Clark has just raised the relations between Australia and New Zealand to new highs. I'd vote for her if she was Australian. Let's keep the dignified and respectful ceremony that we've always had. Drop the ego trip Mr Farnham.

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lori said...

we need less farnham in this world.. much less.