Sunday, November 22, 2015

European Trip 2015 - Day Fifteen

Still woke up early. Had to find a pharmacy that catered for Koreans. Some of the French staff even spoke Korean! The missus bought quite a lot of stuff but not quite enough for duty free status. Luckily it wasn't far from our apartment although she had the wrong metro station to get off at so it took quite a bit of finding.

After breakfast we walked down to the Seine and on to the Bastille monument before wandering around the Marais area. Lots of little shops, delicious gelato and outlet shopping at amazingly low prices.

Fuel is not cheap in Paris

The Bastille monument

Classical central Paris building
 Had lunch at L'Escargot. Fabulous snail, pork filet mignon, tuna and creme brulee. Set us back EUR38, including an expresso, but so enjoyable.

Down the hatch

L'Escargot - wonderful cuisine

Fill 'er up

Moving day

Academie Nationale De Musique
 Located Galeries Lafayette after some trouble. Quite a few Japanese stores/people in the area. Chinese doing most of the buying in this precinct - lots of shop assistants were Chinese too. Needed a Coke as I was tired and 500mL cost EUR3.90. Not everything was cheap.

Eiffel Tower from atop Galeries Lafayette
 Headed towards the Obelisk, had to backtrack due to heading in the wrong direction, and bought a macaron and choc croissant on the way. So good. Caught the metro home. Heaps of walking today, and woman shopping, so very tired.

The Obelisk and Arc de Triomphe

The Seine