Monday, May 25, 2009

Funny Ads In Korean Newspaper

I can read Korean but there isn't much point when I don't understand what it is that I'm reading. So when I came across an ad with a bit of English in it that caught my attention. Closer inspection of the language revealed a lack of depth of meaning. Heck, we can't even get it right in our own country so who am I to badmouth someone else who's mother tongue it is not?

The Swiss Jura ad contains a funny line. See if you can spot it.

I saw a few men who could do with more hair in parts but I can't see too many of them using this product. Not that it's any worse than the comb-over though.

Gotta be careful not to get the spray on your palms or people might start talking. I'd say the guy needs a bit of the spray above the top lip as he's a bit thin in that area.

Spot the funny bit in the coffee machine add. "Buy One Get One. Special Event!" Since when was that ever a special event? If I buy one I at least expect to get one. I'd be quite disappointed if I only received 95% of one after paying for a whole one. It's a fairly normal occurrence actually.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frugal The Checkout Chick

I noticed a few nights ago that my local Woolworths has opened six self-service checkouts. The thought of being responsible for doing the checkout job myself with the obvious scrutiny scared me, a little. I'm not going to pinch anything but the thought of people thinking that I might try to steal something worries me.

Perhaps that goes back to when I was about 10 years old and went to the supermarket by myself when my mum was at a fabric shop run by a friend of hers. I spent a lot of time in the lollies section considering what to spend my money on and in the end decided that nothing offered good enough value. As I went to leave through the checkout, which was manned by the daughter of the shop manager, she tried to check my pockets. She said, "I know you took (or stole) something." Being accused of shoplifting horrified me. After informing my mum about the incident my parents accompanied me to the shop that night and confronted the manager and his daughter over it. I received an apology as I hadn't done anything wrong.

So, with slight trepidation, I went to the shop a couple of nights ago and served myself. After finishing checking the groceries I placed my mail that I had collected in one of the bags. The machine said, "Unexpected item in bag. Please remove," or something similar. So it obviously measures the weight of your goods. Interesting experience and no false accusations.

Now I can add checkout chick to my resume.

Western Australia Confirms That It Is A Backward State

Yesterday Western Australia had a referendum on whether we wished to have daylight savings or not. For the last three years we took part in a daylight savings trial as the government imposed this upon us, as a responsible government elected to look after our wellbeing should do. The results are 55.5% "No" and 44% "Yes". It will be the biggest no vote in the four referenda held on the issue.

Talk about confirming your backwardness as a state. Much of my business dealings are on the east coast and instead of being two hours behind I'll be three. It'll be nearly lunchtime there before I get to speak to somebody. On the other hand, if I email them something after they finish work they'll have three hours to work on it before I start work.

Maybe I will be able to have my morning walk before starting work but say goodbye to an evening ride with The Boy after tea.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Depth Perception Issue

Since returning from Korea on Sunday I have noticed a depth perception issue. It is more difficult to judge the oncoming speed of vehicles and whether or not it is safe to pull out in front of another car. Even coming to a stop for a stop sign, yes, sadly I am one of the few who does this, I find myself just a little bit off the mark and braking late.

I'd say that it has something to do with being slightly traumatised by Korean taxi drivers who think nothing of flying along 20-30 km/h above the speed limit in town and weaving through the traffic if not driving through red lights. I can't judge whether the guy coming towards me is doing 60-65 or 90 km/h.

I hope this is a temporary affliction.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Special Taekwondo Training With Korean Grandmasters

There was a special taekwondo training course held last weekend. Two grandmasters from Korea visited. They were 10th dan Park Hae-man who helped developed the higher poomsae (patterns) and 9th dan Kwan (or Kwon) Young-woo (or Young-woon) who is a three (or five) times Korean national champion and former Korea special forces instructor. No two Websites spell his name the same, in English at least, or provide the same credentials.

Much of the lesson was done in Korean so the students were a little lost at times. Grandmaster Kwan was very entertaining for a man who must be about 70 years old. And I think that he could still kick most peoples' arses. He was lightningly quick.

The Boy with Grandmaster Kwan Young-woon (9th dan)

The Boy with Grandmaster Park Hae-man (10th dan)