Sunday, February 09, 2014

Car Accident on Albany Highway

The Boy went for a bike ride yesterday afternoon. He came home all excited telling me that footpath at Albany Highway in front of the Mazda dealership was blocked for him and that there were police cars, firetrucks and an ambulance in attendance. He was amazed to see a bumper just sitting on the road and informed me that I had to have a look. Jumped on my bike and trundled over there.
Bumper - doesn't look any special

Wow - not what I was expecting to see

This guy must've been clipped by the 4WD

Next morning it's all been cleaned up

Couldn't resist taking a few photos. Looks like nobody was seriously hurt. Not too difficult to speculate about what happened. I'd say that perhaps the 4WD owner clipped the other car, when one of the them was changing lanes, and mounted the kerb and rails getting airborne just enough to get halfway over two cars that were for sale. Lucky not to hit a pedestrian or people looking to buy used cars. And they would have been driving at 60 km/h at this point.

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