Saturday, June 25, 2011

Main Roads Use of Surveillance for Efficient Road Usage

The use of CCTV cameras for surveillance can't be cheap. If they are used effectively they can certainly assist in making road usage by vehicles much more efficient. I wasn't really impressed to see a particular unit nearby work that was;

1. Placed in an incorrect position or,
2. Not properly maintained and,
3. Quite obviously not monitored effectively.

How the hell is this going to tell you what the traffic is like on the road? Another government departmart wasting money.

Bit Wet

Strange weather we're having. They're playing tennis at Wimbledon yet it's wet in Perth. Surely all the rain is supposed to be concentrated in postcode SW19 5AE at this time of year.

It was still dry when we went to training last night but was pouring before we'd finished. One family wanted to borrow my umbrella so that they could get their car and bring it to the training facility to pick up the kids. Only problem was that the umbrella is slightly damaged and is very difficult to close. Another family member had to run out to the car to retrieve it and got rather wet in the process. Whoops. Tried to help out but was a little unsuccessful.

Driving home I remembered that the council depot always has the entrance flooded with the tiniest bit of rain so I took a different route. The water where I went was still up to the sideboard height on vehicles. I even saw one person pushing their car in the rain and through the water.

The missus and I went for a walk last night to inspect the nearby roads. She has gumboots and I don't so she enjoyed herself a bit more. We received 2" of rain, which was quite a decent drop, so it's understandable that there was a bit lying about.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Close Call On The Bus

It's been a while since I've had an interesting bus ride. The missus wanted me to buy some pizzas for tea tonight on the way home. I ordered them online so that I could pick them up. Grabbed the first bus going the right way but took one that had a stop that was two blocks and a good five minutes walk away. Oh well. I had the opportunity to change buses but thought that I could wait another 15 minutes for a bus to come past and I'd be better off walking as I'd certainly reach my destination on time. The missus was picking me up, you see.

We started down Berwick street and I spotted a couple of kids on the footpath on the opposite side of the road. After a passenger got off and the bus proceeded on its journey one of the boys faced the bus and flung a rock at it. I quite clearly saw the rock heading towards me and heard it strike the bus. It was only at the next stop when the driver radioed base to inform them that the bus had been struck that I saw the window not far behind me that was shattered. It certainly didn't sound that bad.

I plainly saw the boy. An aboriginal lad of about 12 years of age wearing a pink/apricot coloured shirt and a left-hander. The driver said that he'd pressed the duress button and might have been lucky enough to have obtained a photo of him as he hadn't seen him himself. I hope they catch the little prick.

Bus window smashed by an aboriginal youth today

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Walk Down Wellington Street In Perth

Had a bit of time to myself the other day and went for a walk eastwards along Wellington Street in the city. I was interested to have a gander at the old buildings and the new. Especially wanted to see the new stadium although I don't know exactly what it is going to be used for as it is a bit on the small side. Construction seems quite well advanced though.

I realised a few things. There are some ugly old buildings in Perth. There are some ugly new buildings in Perth. And Perth isn't such an inviting place in the middle of winter on an overcast day (the days leading up to it were bathed in pleasant sunshine). Actually, I found it a bit depressing and wondered why any tourist would bother to visit. I giess that it didn't help that I was without a plan to see anything in particular. Still, I enjoyed seeing some of the older buildings which were in good nick.

A Walk Eastwards Up Wellington Street Then Up Pier Street Photo Album on Facebook.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

News Report : Consumers Renting Rather Than Buying

Interesting article from the Herald Sun -

The first note is that frugality is fueling rentals of appliances. I have an issue with this. Anyone that knows anything about being frugal would realise that renting, in the long run (total cost of ownership) is more expensive than buying. I think that it has more to do with credit becoming more difficult to obtain and consumers not having the disposable income that they'd like to.

As the cost of living has increased there is evidence that companies hiring/renting equipment instead of selling it are increasing their profitability. Certainly the department stores are finding trading more difficult as consumers are more and more keeping their wallets in their pockets. People are far more discerning with regards to purchasing these days.

How can a newspaper article expect to be taken seriously when it bases it's argument on a misperception? Journalists need to get the facts straight.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Red Moon

Set the alarm for 4:30am to view the red moon. Turned off the alarm at 4:30am and went back to sleep. Turned off the 5:00am alarm and woke up. Headed outside. Wet and cloudy so I obviously didn't miss anything earlier. And it only rains during winter in Perth. Why last night? Dammit.

Late Night Conversation

She: What would it be like if we were still boyfriend and girlfriend?
He: You couldn't get pregnant.
She: Would we still be together?
He: Nah, you'd be bored.
She: So you'd leave me?
He: No, it's my house.
Swift kick follows.

My missus has known me long enough to understand that she'll never get a decent conversation when I'm ready to sleep.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fast Eddys - Not So Fast (Or Accurate)

Shopping the other day at Carousel we walked past Fast Eddys Cafe. The missus noticed that they did some breakfasts there and so this morning we decided to head there for brekkie. Our weekend eat out meal. Not normally something we do for breakfast as it's either lunch or tea.

The young girl who took our order didn't seem switched on. When I ordered the scrambled egg special she informed me that I could have scrambled or fried eggs. I repeated that I wished to have scrambled eggs and then she proceeded to write and say that she was taking an order for fried eggs. Not a great start. Then I told her that the missus wanted a coffee. "Will you be ordering any drinks?" she asked.
"No, just the coffee please," I said.

When our meal was nearly finished, my missus was fuming as her coffee hadn't been delivered. She found the waitress and asked her about the coffee to which the response was, "What coffee?" Apparently she had a choice of black or short white which had not been mentioned at the time of order. The girl hadn't even included the coffee in the order. When it was finally delivered she didn't even apologise.

A little bit later the duty manager wandered over to ask if everything was OK and so we told her that her waitress needed to switch on. She offered not to charge us for the coffee and to provide some complimentary drinks which I declined. When we left to pay the bill the duty manager took over the register and did not charge us for the coffee or the pancakes that I had (the eggs were for the missus). I said that the food was great but the service hadn't been and that the girl needed to be spoken to. I was assured that she had already been spoken to. She apologised and said that there was new waitstaff and you have to start them sometime, even when it's busy, for them to learn. Hey, I'm fine with that. She just needs to learn from it as she didn't seem too interested.

Sometimes it pays to complain. My missus is one who suscribes to the motto "Give me coffee and no-one gets hurt". Still, I'd go back for the food. We'd just avoid the waitress.

Been Wasting Money Lately

Bit of a low point for me lately. Just been wasting money. I bought a new sprinkler for the backyard as the missus broke the connector on the old one. And what should happen the next week? There is a ban on using sprinklers during winter. At least my new sprinkler will still appear to be new come spring.

Second bit of wastage came when I purchased Unreal Anthology, a set of computer games, from EB Games. Picked it up for only $20 and it is the early versions of Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament, Unreal II and Unreal Tournament 2004. Quite a good game still and one which we, The Boy and I, enjoy playing. In the city for some lunch and shopping last weekend and we wandered into EB Games. Imagine my shock when I discovered that nearly all of the games were half price! Dammit! So I bought Command & Conquer Saga - The First Decade and Tiberium Wars. It had been $50 and I'd had my eye on it for a while but couldn't go past it for only $25.

So, it's not all bad.

Nice To See Some Love For Our Politicians

I received a flyer in the mailbox a couple of days ago. It was for Bill Johnston, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, and he was calling for three "Have Your Say" public meetings. One of them was held in the City of Canning car park. The missus and I went for a walk that morning and who should we see but our local member? Yes, he was sitting next to a table alongside his vehicle with an aide. And NOBODY was there to talk to him.

I almost felt sorry enough for him to go and have a chat but he is a Labor politician and so, by definition, I dislike him intensely. Still, if the missus wasn't with me I probably would have said something. And not nasty or anything. Perhaps it shows that the locals care more about policies that affect the nation than those that affect state politics. I was surprised that the local member had made himself available for the public and no-one showed the slightest bit of interest. Shows that the state of politics is pretty sad, methinks.