Friday, July 30, 2004

Busy Like You Wouldn't Believe

I'm not sure how to describe it but I have been awfully busy at work this week. My business manager has gone on holidays and the lady that runs the standard products area went away for a few days. I had to take on her job and half of my boss's job, as well as my own, and it was incredibly busy. Almost impossible to do the work that you wanted to do. Haven't been able to have a lunch break at all this week. My boss has all of the knowledge and he works 11-12 hrs a day. How am I supposed to handle his workload? At least he tidied up as much as he could and there has been little work coming in from his area.

Baptism of fire you may call it. Good experience though. Still got two weeks to go.

The Sewing Room

The door specialist came on Wednesday to put the back doors in place. They look quite nice, although I haven't really seen them in the daylight. I've got a friend coming around on Saturday and we need to put in a feature wall, lights, insulation, ceiling and lino. She's going to be a busy day. I'll be sure to let you know how we get on.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A World First… But Not For Spain Or The Philippines

Alexander Downer, or Bummer if you prefer, has said something that the world agrees with. Everyone except Spain or the Philippines that is. He made a statement that the removal of troops within Iraq by these two countries after threats made my terrorists had increased the risk of kidnappings and other evil acts by the terrorists. It would lead to an increased threat to Australia. Spain and the Philippines are quite pissed about it actually. But that's what happens when you give in to the terrorists.

For once in his useless life he is correct. By showing weakness and giving into the demands of the terrorists they are more likely to use the same tactic again. Why fight a real war when you can take a few foreigners from the street and get the army of their countrymen to pull out of the war.

Australian Idol Note

The show is all about singing. And nasty critique. What I find interesting is that when the show is on Yu-Jin is at the height of his play. The show doesn't interest him at all. Although, when they showed the people who couldn't sing he did sit there and laugh his head off. Last night we were playing some soccer in the passageway when a commercial that had a nice tune came on. Yu-Jin headed straight to the TV and stood in front, eyes fixated, until it finished.

Not interested in the show that is all about singing but one commercial captures his attention.


The temperature dropped to 1.4 degrees overnight. We were getting some doors put on out the back of the house and the workers had left them in the carport where Miky parks her car. That meant that she had to leave the car in the driveway. I got a bit of a shock to see how much frost was on the car. It must have been a 16th of an inch thick and was hard work to get off with a window scraper. I didn't want to put boiling water on the car for fear of cracking the windscreen.

It made for a chilly drive to work yesterday.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pics From The Last Few Days

Yu-Jin and Marko with guns in the park

Perth Skyline

Yu-Jin and Marko playing in the backyard

At Jesse's birthday party

Smoke or Ghost?

Monday, July 26, 2004

Where Do We Start?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog. And a lot has happened. Something interesting happened at work last week which goes to prove that it is…..

A Small World

On Thursday we received a faxed order from a business in Hamilton, Victoria. Our company is one of three distributors in Western Australia and we sell to the Perth and the northern part of WA. So, this was a little unusual. I looked at the address and noticed that the business was on the same street and only a few blocks from where my great aunty lives.

I telephoned to find out if they really wanted to do business with us. The guy who sent the fax was out for the day. On Friday he rang back. Yes, the order was genuine. I mentioned his proximity to my great aunty.
“What’s her name?” he asked.
“Kinnane,” I replied.
“Oh, Mignon. She taught me 20 years ago when I was at Monavae College.”

He wanted to know how Uncle Jim was and if they still had the Falcon. Uncle Jim has had a stroke and so he isn’t too well.

It really goes to show that it is a small world.

Learning To Swear Properly

Miky had the opportunity to learn how to swear properly on Saturday. We were stopped at a set of traffic lights at the end of Roberts Road at the front of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. Loftus Street in front of us was quite busy. It is a poor intersection as there are lights for traffic turning left or driving straight ahead and another set for turning right. So, as you can imagine, it is a large intersection. It gives plenty of opportunity to for vehicles to block the intersection.

And block it the bastards did. We sat there for three changes of lights. After the third change there was a small gap between two cars blocking the intersection. The woman at the front only had to move a metre forward, and she had the room, and we could squeeze through ok. After some waving from me she did so. But the bloody dickhead behind her, with his trailer, took up the gap. That left us blocking the road. The taxi driver behind us was now on our left, tooting his horn and swearing. The idiot in front of us could only give us a finger. If ever someone needed to be hit over the head with an iron bar it was then.

Miky got an excellent swearing lesson from me. I am sick to death of inconsiderate drivers. I don't believe that I could handle the traffic in a larger city. If Miky did know the swear words before she was given a lesson in how to use them.


Friends of ours are going to Macedonia soon. Their boy, Marko, is one of Yu-Jin's best friends and we really wanted them to spend some time together. So we organised a sleepover at our house. Miky would also get some driving practice to pick him up. Well, guess who locked the cars in the car? Well done Miky.

Luckily I had a key that opened the boot. It wasn't easy for a fat bugger like myself to get in the back in a hatchback. Nevermind.

Marko and Yu-Jin played and talked for ages. I read them a story and finally put them to bed at 20 past 11. Thankfully they didn't get up until 8:30. Lots of play in the morning and either they didn't like the way the breakfast was prepared or were too busy to eat it. We went for a drive and took them to the playground.

When we got home we noticed that the power was off. In fact, it had stopped just after we left home as some of the traffic lights were not working. Miky had planned to cook Shepherd's Pie for lunch when the rest of Marko's family were to come. Couldn't do a damn thing. Not even a phone call as the base unit requires power to operate. So we thought that as they were coming in half an hour we would go to McDonalds.

Well, they didn't arrive on time. It turns out that their real estate agent had forgotten her key for their home open and they had to wait for her. So we waited an extra two hours before having lunch. Yu-Jin had a birthday party to go to in the evening.

I'm glad that the boys were able get to play together. Even if had two minutes of being friends, two minutes of being enemies, etc, ad nauseum.

Birthday party

Yu-Jin's other best friend was having a party last night. Luckily Yu-Jin had a late lunch as we cooked our tea. Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes in a fire. We also cooked sausages on sticks over the fire. At least it was warm. The kids wanted to play in the tent or on the playground instead of sitting around the fire. After having trifle for cake the three boys at the party got to use some sparklers. Yu-Jin complained that he got a sparkle in his eye but I think that he just got some smoke. The boys must have been having a good time as I managed to get Yu-Jin to the toilet on time, twice. Too busy to think about bodily functions.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Could I Be The New Australian Idol?

That's not out of the question, is it? Have you seen some of the crud that's been trying out for Australian Idol? Not much on offer in the whole of Tasmania. Cast your mind back to high school. There would be one or two of you reading this who would recall my outstanding ability to murder the national anthem.

I hate singing in public. At school I never enjoyed singing Advance Australia Fair and would sing as deeply and as dull as possible. Even in church I sang better. Not believing any of the guff that the priest was spouting and not wishing to be at church, I would mime the hymns. At least the experience wasn't as painful for fellow churchgoers as my schoolmates.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A Call From The Dark

In the wee small hours of this morning there was a call from the dark.
"Mummy! It's too dark."
Or something along those lines. It appears that Yu-Jin had woken up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and had gone from his room to the toilet without turning on any lights. Normally that wouldn't be a problem as the bug zapper outside of the kitchen is on and provides a great deal of light. But in the last couple of days the tube has failed and so it is dark at night time.

Apparently he was just sitting there, in the passageway, saying that he had gotten lost. I thought that that was so funny. Getting lost in the passageway between his bedroom and the toilet/laundry.

It reminds me of a story from about 1980. Back in the dim, dark ages. I think that my aunty from England, at the time, now of Wales, was in Adelaide. We were also staying at my aunty's house in Adelaide in the sewing room. It was an additional room and I don't believe that I had been in there before. Now, to the toilet.

There were two toilets in the house. I had only ever used one toilet as the second one was part of an ensuite to the master bedroom. In the middle of the night I had to go to the loo. Eight years old, staying with cousins, lots of drinking etc you understand. The need was great.

Try as I might I couldn't locate the light switch. Resigned to the fact that I had to go in the dark I sat on the toilet and began my wee. It felt a bit wet. When I had finished I noticed that my pants were wet and uncomfortable but I didn't understand why and so I went back to bed.

In the morning my aunty shrieked in the toilet wanting to know who had peed all over the lid. I didn't realise that the toilet lid had been down. I'd only seen the seat left down in anybody's house before. Well, I certainly didn't own up. Never have in fact. It would be quite funny if my aunty were to read this blog.
Some Pics From Hillary's Boat Harbour

Yu-Jin and dad on the boat.

Our friends Ray and Liz.

Yu-Jin onboard.

Father and son.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Great Sunday Morning

On Saturday night I rang some friends who live north of the river to see if they wanted to go out for breakfast. They were the sort of people who would know a good place to go for breakfast too. Hillary’s Boat Harbour was the place that we decided upon and the fact that it is miles away was ok as Miky has to get some time behind the wheel.

It was a lovely morning, beautiful and sunny. Steak sandwiches, coffee and cake were on the menu. Yu-Jin even played on the beach. Let’s not forget that this is the middle of winter.

Being a boat harbour there were plenty of boats. We ventured to one of the docks and noticed that only owners of boats could go on the docks as the gate was locked and surrounded by barbed wire. Tell you something funny, there was a boat owner waiting at the gate and he asked us if we would like to go onboard his boat. Sure thing. Yu-Jin thought that it was great, until the boat moved beneath him and then he was a little more careful. Below deck they had a nice kitchen, erm galley, a lounge and many other comforts of home. We talked to them for quite a while. Boaties/yatchies are nice people.

I think that Yu-Jin is going to be inspired to draw some boats now. Anyway, it was lovely to catch up with some friends and have a nice chat.

Bit Of A Cleanup

Sunday is the day that we traditionally run around the house with a vacuum cleaner. This winter has been very mild and the weather has generally been sunny and warmish on the weekend. That puts me in a good mood for cleaning. It feels like spring cleaning every weekend. Well, I attacked the pantry yesterday - I've been nagged for ages to get rid of my stuff. Out went the paint, turps, old glass jars (into the recycling bin), light globes, jigsaw and board games.

Bit of a mistake. Yu-in hadn't seen them before and wanted to play all of the board games. We played chess and draughts although he lost patience to finish either game as he was losing. I didn't beat him by much at Yatzhee and he enjoyed the game. Then we had a game of Global Pursuit and that was a bit of fun. Buggered if I was going to play Scrabble with him.

He went to bed early and I nearly got to finish reading the Sunday newspaper! I'll link some pics from the boat harbour in the next few days.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Saturday's Doings

We went down to Fremantle this morning. Miky has 25 hours of driving that she needs to do before they give her a probationary licence so she doesn't mind the drive. In fact, she positively
encourages it. It was only half past nine but she insisted on buying a pie or two because they take very nice from the bakery at the Fremantle Markets. Yu-Jin wanted a gingerbread man and I made him eat his pie before he got it. Pie was gone pretty quickly and so was the
gingerbread man. And this, from a boy who had TWO pieces of toast for breakfast.

We decided to take the Fremantle Cat, a free bus service, for a bit of a trip as we had paid for parking and had some time to kill. Four Aboriginals clambered on to the bus. One came and sat near us and was very friendly, wanted to shake my hand and make small talk. Then he
mumbled something. I didn't understand and asked him to repeat it. He did and I still had no comprehension. He repeated it, "One dollar?"

He obviously didn't realise with whom he was speaking. Needless to say, he didn't get his dollar. His mate sitting up the front of the bus commented on how warm it was and asked, "Do you think they will let us drink on the bus?"

My goodness. It was only 10:30. We alighted from the bus a couple of stops after our car park as we still had some time to kill. The walk was nice as there are some lovely old buildings in Freo. Dropped Miky off at the shopping centre and Yu-Jin and I went home. His friend Jesse
was coming around with his mum, dad and baby sister. It was nice to have them at our place as we have been to their place several times. Yu-Jin got to show off his toys but didn't have too many intentions to share them. Jesse and Yu-Jin had a good time and I got to have a bit of
a chin-wag.

Did some shopping at an Oriental shop on the way home from the city a bit later. Here's something that caught my eye.

Vegetarian Steak and Vegetable

I mean, WTF? Misnomer, oxymoron, contradiction of terms - call it whatyou like - does anybody else fail to see the sense of this terminology?

A Moose on the Loose in the Hoose

Try getting a Scotsman to "There's a mouse on the loose in the house." Yes, we have a rodent friend not paying board. Miky wasn't impressed when I said that means we no longer have to pick up food that we drop on the floor. He won't eat much. She protested that he'll keep
getting bigger. My answer was that he's already fully grown. What about babies? Once again, it takes two mice to have babies. Do I need to explain how that happens?

I like to keep spiders in the house. They catch the flies and mozzies and I don't have to pay anything for their upkeep. I even like to swat flies and feed the spiders. It is better to stun the fly so that it wriggles in the cobweb otherwise the spider may not be so interested in eating it. They enjoy their food fresh. Miky was not impressed when she found out that I fed the spiders. What harm do they do? They just sit in the corners of the room and do bugger all. It's not as if they go roaming about the place and look through the drawers in our bedroom or somesuch.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Frugal Bastard Look

I must have had that look today. It's Friday and that means the fruit and vege run is on at the markets in Subiaco. First things first, I had to retrieve some money from the financial institution that I bank with.

There he was. Dressed in blue. With a slogan about saving a child. He looked at me and must have seen the Frugal Bastard look. He turned away and didn't ask me anything.

After removing money from the very polite ATM I traversed the same route in reverse. He saw me and didn't ask anything. Very interesting behaviour from someone who is involved in charity work. He did ask the cute blonde chick with expensive clothes in front of me but she turned him down. I thought that he would have had the innate ability to know that I had money in my pocket on the return journey.

Either I had the look or he's not cut out to be in the charity game.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Australia Post Grumble

I remember the good ol' days. You could post a letter and it would get to anywhere in the country in three days. Only two days inter-capital city. What has happened to this great service? Especially in the age of the service industry. If my mum posts something from country South Australia, three hours drive from the city of Adelaide, I can expect to see it in a week to 10 days! That's nowhere near good enough in my books.

Another gripe. Sending packages to Korea can only be done by airmail now. Apparently not enough gear was headed in that direction so they canned the service of surface (read: sea) mail. They didn't have too much trouble in returning something from Korea that was sent to our old address - when we had a redirection of our mail still valid!!

They should remove Australia from the name as the service is becoming very un-Australian.

Give The Greeks A Go

I hope the Greeks put on a good Olympics. They deserved to host them in 1996 by-the-way. I guess that there will be no jobs for ushers though. And how are the tickets allocations going where there are no seats to allocate them to?

I think it's high time that we stopped bagging them. Give them a chance to fall flat on their faces before we rub their noses in it. Who knows, it could still be a highly successful Games. I hope so. And I hope that the TV coverage is much better than the appalling level of crap that was dealt to us during the Sydney Olympics.

One thing is for sure. The Beijing 2008 Olympics will be huge. If there are any money problems they can just tax the entire population three cents a head and they could then afford to build anything they damn well want to. The Asians know how to put on a good show AND be graceful about it.
Second Fashion Show

A few months ago I told you about a fashion show that Miky and I attended. It was free and they provided champagne, and orange juice (of which I partook), and lots of lovely nibblies at no cost either. What a fantastic night.

Miky has entered another fashion show and her designs were accepted in the three categories that she entered. She made the top 10 in each so she has done a great job. This time round though she has to pay to attend. It’s enough to break a frugal bastard’s heart. Miky’s ticket costs $100. It gets worse. I’ll be attending and my ticket costs $155!!

Let’s try to justify this. Prize money is quite large, cross your fingers, and we get served a three-course meal. The show is to be held in the new Exhibition Convention Centre in September and it isn’t finished yet.

Interestingly the Exhibition Convention Centre had an opening ceremony yesterday with Perth City Councillors which didn’t go too smoothly. The ribbon was cut, a car drove through the boom gate and it promptly came down on top of one of the councillors. Then a fire pump started and flooded the lower floor of parking. Oh yeah, the parking will cost about $11/hr, I think. That’s a fair whack.

There’s A New Super Hero In Town

Yu-Jin is big on super heroes at the moment. Spiderman is his favourite, he has seen the movie, and he’s keen on Superman although he has yet to see anything to do with him. Miky made a cape for him and he now calls himself “Super Hero Man”. At least it’s original.

What Happened To Mummy And Daddy?

I’ve noticed in the last couple of days that we don’t get called Mummy and Daddy anymore. We are now referred to Mum and Dad. Maybe my boy is growing up. It’s a little bit sad but Yu-Jin does seem to be maturing. He talks a lot more confidently now.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Great Day Today

Miky passed her driving test today. She was the last one out, as about six people take tests simultaneously, and the first one back. Her question, "Did I fail?" was answered with a "No, you passed." She couldn't believe it and said that he had passed her so easily.

In actual fact, that driving instructor passes very few people. Miky had taken some lessons with a private instructor and he was there this morning and his comment was that he passed very few people. He said that Miky drove very well.

I laughed when I got to the car. The arse end of it wasn't inside the parking bay! And she didn't lose any points for it!!

Fat Lady, Big Mouth

Gotta watch what I say. Yu-Jin was at the bus station with Miky today and they were sitting next to a very large lady. Yu-Jin said "She's got a big, fat tummy." Miky was so embarrassed and took him away. This was followed by some explanation about saying nice things that wouldn't hurt her feelings.

He followed that up with "I like her shirt. She's got a big, fat shirt. Mummy, can you make a shirt like that for me when I get fat?"

Frugal Bastard Jeans Perfected

I put on a pair of old jeans on the weekend. They were a tight fit. Managed to squeeze my wallet in one pocket but couldn't put my keys in the other pocket. Ok, wallet in but can't go outside to go shopping - can't spend money. If I took the wallet out and put the keys in I would be able to go shopping but wouldn't have any money to spend.

Perfect way to be frugal.

Any before anyone mentions the ad on tv where the girl puts her credit card in the back pocket for her night out, have you seen the size of my bum? The credit card is not designed for my bum's contour.

Mobile Ring Tones

We've all heard them. Now they come in different flavours. Not having a mobile phone I'm not too savvy. In fact, I've never sent an SMS via a mobile phone. I was just thinking about the funny tones you could have - theme-wise.

Your Ex-girlfiend/wife - We Used To Be Friends (Dandy Warhols)
Your Gay friend - Queer Eye Theme
Your Mother-in-law - Theme from The Excorcist
Your Churchie-friend - Hells Bells (AC/DC)
Your Girlfriend/wife who is on holidays - I Miss You (Blink 182)
Your Chauffeur - Drive (Shannon Noll)
Your mistress - Naughty girl (Beyonce)

Anybody got some better suggestions?

Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Eating Thing Again

Miky made breakfast this morning, this World Photo Project Day morning. Did everyone remember to take a photo from their part of the world today? I'll take late submissions. Anyway, she put cheese on top of pancakes! Sounds odd but tasted great. The second lot of pancakes had spinach inside them!! I know that she's not pregnant but it resembles something like cravings. Couldn't really taste the spinach so they were alright too.

Tonight Miky cooked chicken schnitzel, mashed potato, and a curried lot of vegies with cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots etc. It took a lot of persuasion but Yu-Jin finally ate everything on his plate by himself. The biggest surprise was a mouthful of mushrooms. Following tea Miky wanted to get out of the house, as I had spent about four and a half hours sourcing materials and installing new metal beams on the patio so that the new door could be installed for the sewing room within the coming weeks. Stir crazy I think it is called. Managed to cut my elbow on the metal beams - idiot. Yu-Jin and I also weeded the garden some more, after last weekends crack, and rode to the playground together. So, we went to McDonalds. Yu-Jin was asleep by the time we arrived, just before 7pm. Miky just wanted a coffee and wanted me to have a strawberry sundae. Yu-Jin wanted chips, a burger and a drink - in other words a Happy Meal - just so that he could get a toy. Nothing doing son, you just finished a large tea. He ordered chips and a juice.

Couldn't believe this kid. Finished his fries, juice and had about a third of my strawberry sundae. I'm beginning to think that he must have worms or hollow legs like his father. As soon as we walked in the door he asked if he could have a muesli bar. I was a bit dumbfounded but if he asks for food and it is healthy I don't refuse. He ate the whole thing.

I just wish he would eat like that without any complaining or trouble. There'd be no qualms on my behalf.
Yu-Jin's Drawing Talents

Miky and Yu-Jin met me at the train station last night after I finished work. Problem was that I hadn't finished work and we had to go back to the office to finish some stuff. Miky has a driving test on Monday morning and so I will be late to work and I really needed to tie up some loose ends.

That meant that Yu-Jin had to find something to do and he wanted to draw. Here is the result.

To view the large picture click here. Miky drew the front, first carriage, a person and a few faces and the electric cables with connector. Yu-Jin did the rest. What concerns me most is the look on the driver's face. Is he screaming in terror?

It is an enormous improvement on the drawings that he normally does. Maybe there is hope for him. His mum is very artistic. His father is just a bullshit-artist.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Silly Things To Fight For

The other day I saw a guy on TV and he was fighting for smokers' rights. I don't really believe that smokers ought to have rights but if you believe in something I accept and agree with standing up for it. Get this, the guy is a non-smoker.

No, I can't really work that one out either.

I guess it's a bit like a heterosexual fronting the Gay and Lesbian Rights fight. "Sticking Up" for the gays. Don't no where I stand on this issue. I have some friends who are gay and there is a fair degree of equality that is called for, but some things were just not meant to be. Didn't Rome fall into ruin once all of the senators turned gay? Just keep me out of it.

Could I mention vegens lobbying for McDonalds? Animal activists modelling fur? I guess that we are all hypocrites at some stage - it's just a matter of how much.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Rainbow Mornings

You know, the last three mornings have been delightful. Ok, little bit of rain and dark clouds hanging around but, I have seen a rainbow each time whilst driving to work. It is a little something to brighten the day. Perhaps every morning should start with a rainbow.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Don't Forget the Day in the Life of Earth Photo Project

Don't forget everybody, all three or four of you, that I would like a photo from your part of the world taken on Saturday the 10th of July. I'd love to put a Webpage together with 10-15 photos from around the world. It could be your home or your workplace - especially if you work on an oil rig. Be creative. Be nice to me. Please.
Why Do Dictators Get Sick So Easily?

Have you begun to notice that the dictators of the world tend to be too sick to be tried in court once they are toppled? They can obviously afford to have the best doctors taking care of their health during their reign, of terror, but as soon as they are shoved out of office they come down with a bad case of cancer or somesuch.

Here's a few examples:

Ferdinand Marcos
Slobodan Milosevic
General Pinochet
Robert Mugabe (not toppled from power yet)
The guy who was the King of Congo
Mal Colston (not a dictator but a Labor Party bastard who took money that he wasn't entitled to)

It shits me that these bastards can get away with the crimes that they have committed because they are in poor health. Give me a break. Send them to jail - or just shoot them. I'd prefer to see them surviving in misery though. With a couple of bullet holes.
Chinese Proverb That Describes The Frugal Bastard

Miky was telling me last night about a Chinese proverb that I thought described me perfectly in my youth.

If you want to be rich:

Eat less
Wear less
Do less hobbies

I only ever ate food that I prepared - very rarely did I go to KFC, McDonalds or Pizza Hut.
I hardly ever bought new clothes - very little money wasted in that department.
I didn't do too many interesting things - I was a boring bastard.

By following this proverb I built up some assets. One more line should have been added. Don't get married and have offspring. I'd be a rich man now - but only in terms of assets. Maybe I like being richer for the family experience.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I Feel The Need For An Apology

Sorry Lindy. There, I said it. All these years I've had a hatred for Lindy Chamberlain. I believed that she murdered her baby, Azaria, in 1980. So, from the age of eight I have really hated this woman.

It now seems that a dingo did take her baby. It doesn't seem to be story of a silly old man, just someone who needs to clear his conscience.

Faced with the reality I have to admit that my feelings were wrong and ill-directed. I hope that she is able to get on with her life and has a huge burden lifted from her shoulders.

Monday, July 05, 2004

What Has Come Over Me?

Not a bad day yesterday. Jogged most of the way to the petrol station to buy a paper. On the way home I noticed some kids doing some race walking. They certainly had the style. Spoke with one of the marshals and he said that a couple were going to Canberra soon to represent Western Australia.

I really don’t know what came over me today. I did a bit more pruning and Yu-Jin helped pull the branches out to the roadside. The pine trees got hammered, the wisteria got a trim and the palm trees were neatened up. Then something strange happened. I went over to the roses and pulled all of the weeds and grasses out that had grown around them. In the backyard again Yu-Jin and I pulled out all of the grass and sour sobs along the back fence and we ended up with a huge pile of rubbish.

Miky came outside and I said that there was a lot of grass surrounding her plants and that I wasn't going to pull them out by hand. After kicking the ball with Yu-Jin for a while I did indeed end up pulling out the grass surrounding Miky's plants by hand.

After lunch we went into Northbridge and had some drinks, cake and an icecream sundae. Went to do some shopping in the city and got caught out by the rain. Not too heavy though.

Last night I made a phone call to a friend in Melbourne and it was great to catch up. Within two minutes of hanging up another friend over in Sth Aus rang as I had tried to call him the night before. Yu-Jin even dropped by to have a chat about Spiderman. Great way to spend a Sunday.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Fat Boy's Eating Habits

On Today Tonight, a current affairs program, they did a story on a boy who lost 56 kilograms in 12 weeks after deciding that he was too fat. His mum also offered him $10 per kilo. Did I mention that this kid was only 14 years old?

He showed us what he used to eat. For breakfast he'd have four pieces of toast with either cheese or peanut butter. Lunch would be two burgers, fries and a coke. A snack would be some cake and other bread products followed by lots of what mum cooked for tea. This kid was enormous.

I contrasted that to what I ate when I was his age. Eight Weetbix for breakfast, three sandwiches for lunch (or three pies if it was lunch money Friday), biscuits and cakes (if available) when I got home and a huge serving of whatever mum had cooked for tea. I ate pretty much the same amount of food as this kid. And not once did I put on weight. Mind you, I was a pretty active little sod and played lots of sport. Hardly ever had burgers or fries either.

Like a Farmer With a Chainsaw

It's that time of the year again where the council offers a free pickup of greens. Meaning, my personality changes remarkably. I usually don't do much in the garden. It's different when this day comes along. Out come the large pruning cutters and the saw. I don't own a chainsaw but you never trust a farmer with one. I'm a firm believer in pruning a tree - if I don't like a tree and it dies because of my pruning bad luck. If it survives - good luck to it. I.e. I prune just a little bit more than the normal definition of pruning. I push the trees to the edge.

Gotta get my money's worth for the pickup.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Oxymorons - A Work In Progress

Oxymoron - Two meaningful words put together that completely ruin the English language yet still get the meaning across.

I can usually come up with a few good examples but nothing comes to mind. I guess that "Common Sense" is the biggest one. Observing the general population one notices a lack of sense, therefore it could not be considered as being common.

Take this morning for example. It was raining quite heavily and I could barely make out a few buildings in the city as I was crossing the Narrows Bridge. In other words, visibility was minimal. Some idiot behind me, in a grey car, was driving without his lights on. Not much sense there. A few minutes later some idiot in a two-lane street decides to drive straight across the road, across the footpath, and into a parking spot. It is still raining heavily, you are only allowed to cross one lane at a time, he didn't have time to do a proper shoulder check (as he was crossing from the righthand lane) and how was the traffic supposed to stop in the wet if he had misjudged his sudden change in direction? Bit of sense lacking there also.

I must do a search for this elusive item known as common sense. It must be an intriguing beast. Join me in my search.
Hope For Struggling Artists

Struggling artists, Nick included, take heart. There is hope. My advice to you is to join the Labor Party. Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron (a theme that will be negotiated on this site)? People who work infrequently join the party for the workers. Bit rich, eh?

Look at Peter Garrett. Not much has been heard of him and his former band, Midnight Oil, for years on the radio. Now comes the wise move. Join the Labor Party. How much airplay has "Beds Are Burning" been getting of late? A fair bloody bit, I'll say. Band members must be rolling in the royalties that are pouring in.

Who else can we expect to join the Labor Party so that the can leave the League of Artists and Fellow Strugglers?

Here's a few:

Rick Astley (or is he British?)
The Seekers
Scott Kain
John Williamson (do they pay royalties on AM radio?) - he'd be a John Howard boy anyway

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Equal Opportunities in the Workforce

The road workers are coming into the age of equality. Why only the other day I noticed a woman road worker and she was leaning on a shovel. Her technique indicated a high degree of learning and she had obviously been trained by the best.

This morning on the way to work I noticed that same woman. She had moved onto a broom which she was using quite effectively and not leaning upon. It looks as though she is a believer in multi-skilling.

I know she will have made it as a fully-fledged road worker when she gets the coveted role of the Holder of the Slow/Stop Sign. Only then can women claim equality in the workforce.

Keep you posted.
Spiderman is an Inspiration

As I have mentioned previously, last Sunday was good DVD weather. One of the DVDs that we hired was Spiderman. Yu-Jin has a thing about Spiderman and he hadn't seen any show about it, just a pair of sneakers, which we had to buy for him, and what his childcare friends have told him.

I won't spoil the movie for you but there is a scene where Peter Parker draws a suit for Spiderman. As soon as Yu-Jin saw this he just had to draw Spiderman. He was inspired beyond imagination. Miky hadn't watched it and did so last night. Yu-Jin did the same thing. Had to get the textas and some paper and start drawing. Interestingly, Miky said that Yu-Jin had watched the movie during the day, because he is at home as he is sick, and she hadn't, and he was also inspired to draw then.

It's late night shopping tonight and we are going to look for a Spiderman colouring-in book. It's amazing to see the affect that it has upon him. One minute he is concentrating on the movie and doesn't want to be disturbed then the next he is colouring away furiously, oblivious to the movie.

Another thing that cracks me up is the fact that he hates to see Peter Parker get bitten by the spider. Yep, no pain for the good guys. But when it comes to the baddies - he laughs like hell as they get beaten up. Looks like he could be a Hollywood scriptwriter. The goodies will always win and never get hurt and the baddies will always bite the dust.