Sunday, July 04, 2004

Fat Boy's Eating Habits

On Today Tonight, a current affairs program, they did a story on a boy who lost 56 kilograms in 12 weeks after deciding that he was too fat. His mum also offered him $10 per kilo. Did I mention that this kid was only 14 years old?

He showed us what he used to eat. For breakfast he'd have four pieces of toast with either cheese or peanut butter. Lunch would be two burgers, fries and a coke. A snack would be some cake and other bread products followed by lots of what mum cooked for tea. This kid was enormous.

I contrasted that to what I ate when I was his age. Eight Weetbix for breakfast, three sandwiches for lunch (or three pies if it was lunch money Friday), biscuits and cakes (if available) when I got home and a huge serving of whatever mum had cooked for tea. I ate pretty much the same amount of food as this kid. And not once did I put on weight. Mind you, I was a pretty active little sod and played lots of sport. Hardly ever had burgers or fries either.

Like a Farmer With a Chainsaw

It's that time of the year again where the council offers a free pickup of greens. Meaning, my personality changes remarkably. I usually don't do much in the garden. It's different when this day comes along. Out come the large pruning cutters and the saw. I don't own a chainsaw but you never trust a farmer with one. I'm a firm believer in pruning a tree - if I don't like a tree and it dies because of my pruning bad luck. If it survives - good luck to it. I.e. I prune just a little bit more than the normal definition of pruning. I push the trees to the edge.

Gotta get my money's worth for the pickup.

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