Friday, July 02, 2004

Hope For Struggling Artists

Struggling artists, Nick included, take heart. There is hope. My advice to you is to join the Labor Party. Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron (a theme that will be negotiated on this site)? People who work infrequently join the party for the workers. Bit rich, eh?

Look at Peter Garrett. Not much has been heard of him and his former band, Midnight Oil, for years on the radio. Now comes the wise move. Join the Labor Party. How much airplay has "Beds Are Burning" been getting of late? A fair bloody bit, I'll say. Band members must be rolling in the royalties that are pouring in.

Who else can we expect to join the Labor Party so that the can leave the League of Artists and Fellow Strugglers?

Here's a few:

Rick Astley (or is he British?)
The Seekers
Scott Kain
John Williamson (do they pay royalties on AM radio?) - he'd be a John Howard boy anyway

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