Monday, July 05, 2004

What Has Come Over Me?

Not a bad day yesterday. Jogged most of the way to the petrol station to buy a paper. On the way home I noticed some kids doing some race walking. They certainly had the style. Spoke with one of the marshals and he said that a couple were going to Canberra soon to represent Western Australia.

I really don’t know what came over me today. I did a bit more pruning and Yu-Jin helped pull the branches out to the roadside. The pine trees got hammered, the wisteria got a trim and the palm trees were neatened up. Then something strange happened. I went over to the roses and pulled all of the weeds and grasses out that had grown around them. In the backyard again Yu-Jin and I pulled out all of the grass and sour sobs along the back fence and we ended up with a huge pile of rubbish.

Miky came outside and I said that there was a lot of grass surrounding her plants and that I wasn't going to pull them out by hand. After kicking the ball with Yu-Jin for a while I did indeed end up pulling out the grass surrounding Miky's plants by hand.

After lunch we went into Northbridge and had some drinks, cake and an icecream sundae. Went to do some shopping in the city and got caught out by the rain. Not too heavy though.

Last night I made a phone call to a friend in Melbourne and it was great to catch up. Within two minutes of hanging up another friend over in Sth Aus rang as I had tried to call him the night before. Yu-Jin even dropped by to have a chat about Spiderman. Great way to spend a Sunday.

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