Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spiderman is an Inspiration

As I have mentioned previously, last Sunday was good DVD weather. One of the DVDs that we hired was Spiderman. Yu-Jin has a thing about Spiderman and he hadn't seen any show about it, just a pair of sneakers, which we had to buy for him, and what his childcare friends have told him.

I won't spoil the movie for you but there is a scene where Peter Parker draws a suit for Spiderman. As soon as Yu-Jin saw this he just had to draw Spiderman. He was inspired beyond imagination. Miky hadn't watched it and did so last night. Yu-Jin did the same thing. Had to get the textas and some paper and start drawing. Interestingly, Miky said that Yu-Jin had watched the movie during the day, because he is at home as he is sick, and she hadn't, and he was also inspired to draw then.

It's late night shopping tonight and we are going to look for a Spiderman colouring-in book. It's amazing to see the affect that it has upon him. One minute he is concentrating on the movie and doesn't want to be disturbed then the next he is colouring away furiously, oblivious to the movie.

Another thing that cracks me up is the fact that he hates to see Peter Parker get bitten by the spider. Yep, no pain for the good guys. But when it comes to the baddies - he laughs like hell as they get beaten up. Looks like he could be a Hollywood scriptwriter. The goodies will always win and never get hurt and the baddies will always bite the dust.

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