Saturday, July 17, 2004

Saturday's Doings

We went down to Fremantle this morning. Miky has 25 hours of driving that she needs to do before they give her a probationary licence so she doesn't mind the drive. In fact, she positively
encourages it. It was only half past nine but she insisted on buying a pie or two because they take very nice from the bakery at the Fremantle Markets. Yu-Jin wanted a gingerbread man and I made him eat his pie before he got it. Pie was gone pretty quickly and so was the
gingerbread man. And this, from a boy who had TWO pieces of toast for breakfast.

We decided to take the Fremantle Cat, a free bus service, for a bit of a trip as we had paid for parking and had some time to kill. Four Aboriginals clambered on to the bus. One came and sat near us and was very friendly, wanted to shake my hand and make small talk. Then he
mumbled something. I didn't understand and asked him to repeat it. He did and I still had no comprehension. He repeated it, "One dollar?"

He obviously didn't realise with whom he was speaking. Needless to say, he didn't get his dollar. His mate sitting up the front of the bus commented on how warm it was and asked, "Do you think they will let us drink on the bus?"

My goodness. It was only 10:30. We alighted from the bus a couple of stops after our car park as we still had some time to kill. The walk was nice as there are some lovely old buildings in Freo. Dropped Miky off at the shopping centre and Yu-Jin and I went home. His friend Jesse
was coming around with his mum, dad and baby sister. It was nice to have them at our place as we have been to their place several times. Yu-Jin got to show off his toys but didn't have too many intentions to share them. Jesse and Yu-Jin had a good time and I got to have a bit of
a chin-wag.

Did some shopping at an Oriental shop on the way home from the city a bit later. Here's something that caught my eye.

Vegetarian Steak and Vegetable

I mean, WTF? Misnomer, oxymoron, contradiction of terms - call it whatyou like - does anybody else fail to see the sense of this terminology?

A Moose on the Loose in the Hoose

Try getting a Scotsman to "There's a mouse on the loose in the house." Yes, we have a rodent friend not paying board. Miky wasn't impressed when I said that means we no longer have to pick up food that we drop on the floor. He won't eat much. She protested that he'll keep
getting bigger. My answer was that he's already fully grown. What about babies? Once again, it takes two mice to have babies. Do I need to explain how that happens?

I like to keep spiders in the house. They catch the flies and mozzies and I don't have to pay anything for their upkeep. I even like to swat flies and feed the spiders. It is better to stun the fly so that it wriggles in the cobweb otherwise the spider may not be so interested in eating it. They enjoy their food fresh. Miky was not impressed when she found out that I fed the spiders. What harm do they do? They just sit in the corners of the room and do bugger all. It's not as if they go roaming about the place and look through the drawers in our bedroom or somesuch.

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