Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A Call From The Dark

In the wee small hours of this morning there was a call from the dark.
"Mummy! It's too dark."
Or something along those lines. It appears that Yu-Jin had woken up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and had gone from his room to the toilet without turning on any lights. Normally that wouldn't be a problem as the bug zapper outside of the kitchen is on and provides a great deal of light. But in the last couple of days the tube has failed and so it is dark at night time.

Apparently he was just sitting there, in the passageway, saying that he had gotten lost. I thought that that was so funny. Getting lost in the passageway between his bedroom and the toilet/laundry.

It reminds me of a story from about 1980. Back in the dim, dark ages. I think that my aunty from England, at the time, now of Wales, was in Adelaide. We were also staying at my aunty's house in Adelaide in the sewing room. It was an additional room and I don't believe that I had been in there before. Now, to the toilet.

There were two toilets in the house. I had only ever used one toilet as the second one was part of an ensuite to the master bedroom. In the middle of the night I had to go to the loo. Eight years old, staying with cousins, lots of drinking etc you understand. The need was great.

Try as I might I couldn't locate the light switch. Resigned to the fact that I had to go in the dark I sat on the toilet and began my wee. It felt a bit wet. When I had finished I noticed that my pants were wet and uncomfortable but I didn't understand why and so I went back to bed.

In the morning my aunty shrieked in the toilet wanting to know who had peed all over the lid. I didn't realise that the toilet lid had been down. I'd only seen the seat left down in anybody's house before. Well, I certainly didn't own up. Never have in fact. It would be quite funny if my aunty were to read this blog.

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