Monday, July 12, 2004

Great Day Today

Miky passed her driving test today. She was the last one out, as about six people take tests simultaneously, and the first one back. Her question, "Did I fail?" was answered with a "No, you passed." She couldn't believe it and said that he had passed her so easily.

In actual fact, that driving instructor passes very few people. Miky had taken some lessons with a private instructor and he was there this morning and his comment was that he passed very few people. He said that Miky drove very well.

I laughed when I got to the car. The arse end of it wasn't inside the parking bay! And she didn't lose any points for it!!

Fat Lady, Big Mouth

Gotta watch what I say. Yu-Jin was at the bus station with Miky today and they were sitting next to a very large lady. Yu-Jin said "She's got a big, fat tummy." Miky was so embarrassed and took him away. This was followed by some explanation about saying nice things that wouldn't hurt her feelings.

He followed that up with "I like her shirt. She's got a big, fat shirt. Mummy, can you make a shirt like that for me when I get fat?"

Frugal Bastard Jeans Perfected

I put on a pair of old jeans on the weekend. They were a tight fit. Managed to squeeze my wallet in one pocket but couldn't put my keys in the other pocket. Ok, wallet in but can't go outside to go shopping - can't spend money. If I took the wallet out and put the keys in I would be able to go shopping but wouldn't have any money to spend.

Perfect way to be frugal.

Any before anyone mentions the ad on tv where the girl puts her credit card in the back pocket for her night out, have you seen the size of my bum? The credit card is not designed for my bum's contour.

Mobile Ring Tones

We've all heard them. Now they come in different flavours. Not having a mobile phone I'm not too savvy. In fact, I've never sent an SMS via a mobile phone. I was just thinking about the funny tones you could have - theme-wise.

Your Ex-girlfiend/wife - We Used To Be Friends (Dandy Warhols)
Your Gay friend - Queer Eye Theme
Your Mother-in-law - Theme from The Excorcist
Your Churchie-friend - Hells Bells (AC/DC)
Your Girlfriend/wife who is on holidays - I Miss You (Blink 182)
Your Chauffeur - Drive (Shannon Noll)
Your mistress - Naughty girl (Beyonce)

Anybody got some better suggestions?

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