Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Why Do Dictators Get Sick So Easily?

Have you begun to notice that the dictators of the world tend to be too sick to be tried in court once they are toppled? They can obviously afford to have the best doctors taking care of their health during their reign, of terror, but as soon as they are shoved out of office they come down with a bad case of cancer or somesuch.

Here's a few examples:

Ferdinand Marcos
Slobodan Milosevic
General Pinochet
Robert Mugabe (not toppled from power yet)
The guy who was the King of Congo
Mal Colston (not a dictator but a Labor Party bastard who took money that he wasn't entitled to)

It shits me that these bastards can get away with the crimes that they have committed because they are in poor health. Give me a break. Send them to jail - or just shoot them. I'd prefer to see them surviving in misery though. With a couple of bullet holes.

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lori said...

let's not forget Allan Bond, Rene Rivkin, and Laurie Connell (he had to die tho) and Christopher Skase! It's not just the dictators of the world but those rich bastards!