Thursday, July 15, 2004

Second Fashion Show

A few months ago I told you about a fashion show that Miky and I attended. It was free and they provided champagne, and orange juice (of which I partook), and lots of lovely nibblies at no cost either. What a fantastic night.

Miky has entered another fashion show and her designs were accepted in the three categories that she entered. She made the top 10 in each so she has done a great job. This time round though she has to pay to attend. It’s enough to break a frugal bastard’s heart. Miky’s ticket costs $100. It gets worse. I’ll be attending and my ticket costs $155!!

Let’s try to justify this. Prize money is quite large, cross your fingers, and we get served a three-course meal. The show is to be held in the new Exhibition Convention Centre in September and it isn’t finished yet.

Interestingly the Exhibition Convention Centre had an opening ceremony yesterday with Perth City Councillors which didn’t go too smoothly. The ribbon was cut, a car drove through the boom gate and it promptly came down on top of one of the councillors. Then a fire pump started and flooded the lower floor of parking. Oh yeah, the parking will cost about $11/hr, I think. That’s a fair whack.

There’s A New Super Hero In Town

Yu-Jin is big on super heroes at the moment. Spiderman is his favourite, he has seen the movie, and he’s keen on Superman although he has yet to see anything to do with him. Miky made a cape for him and he now calls himself “Super Hero Man”. At least it’s original.

What Happened To Mummy And Daddy?

I’ve noticed in the last couple of days that we don’t get called Mummy and Daddy anymore. We are now referred to Mum and Dad. Maybe my boy is growing up. It’s a little bit sad but Yu-Jin does seem to be maturing. He talks a lot more confidently now.

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