Monday, July 19, 2004

Great Sunday Morning

On Saturday night I rang some friends who live north of the river to see if they wanted to go out for breakfast. They were the sort of people who would know a good place to go for breakfast too. Hillary’s Boat Harbour was the place that we decided upon and the fact that it is miles away was ok as Miky has to get some time behind the wheel.

It was a lovely morning, beautiful and sunny. Steak sandwiches, coffee and cake were on the menu. Yu-Jin even played on the beach. Let’s not forget that this is the middle of winter.

Being a boat harbour there were plenty of boats. We ventured to one of the docks and noticed that only owners of boats could go on the docks as the gate was locked and surrounded by barbed wire. Tell you something funny, there was a boat owner waiting at the gate and he asked us if we would like to go onboard his boat. Sure thing. Yu-Jin thought that it was great, until the boat moved beneath him and then he was a little more careful. Below deck they had a nice kitchen, erm galley, a lounge and many other comforts of home. We talked to them for quite a while. Boaties/yatchies are nice people.

I think that Yu-Jin is going to be inspired to draw some boats now. Anyway, it was lovely to catch up with some friends and have a nice chat.

Bit Of A Cleanup

Sunday is the day that we traditionally run around the house with a vacuum cleaner. This winter has been very mild and the weather has generally been sunny and warmish on the weekend. That puts me in a good mood for cleaning. It feels like spring cleaning every weekend. Well, I attacked the pantry yesterday - I've been nagged for ages to get rid of my stuff. Out went the paint, turps, old glass jars (into the recycling bin), light globes, jigsaw and board games.

Bit of a mistake. Yu-in hadn't seen them before and wanted to play all of the board games. We played chess and draughts although he lost patience to finish either game as he was losing. I didn't beat him by much at Yatzhee and he enjoyed the game. Then we had a game of Global Pursuit and that was a bit of fun. Buggered if I was going to play Scrabble with him.

He went to bed early and I nearly got to finish reading the Sunday newspaper! I'll link some pics from the boat harbour in the next few days.

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