Monday, July 26, 2004

Where Do We Start?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog. And a lot has happened. Something interesting happened at work last week which goes to prove that it is…..

A Small World

On Thursday we received a faxed order from a business in Hamilton, Victoria. Our company is one of three distributors in Western Australia and we sell to the Perth and the northern part of WA. So, this was a little unusual. I looked at the address and noticed that the business was on the same street and only a few blocks from where my great aunty lives.

I telephoned to find out if they really wanted to do business with us. The guy who sent the fax was out for the day. On Friday he rang back. Yes, the order was genuine. I mentioned his proximity to my great aunty.
“What’s her name?” he asked.
“Kinnane,” I replied.
“Oh, Mignon. She taught me 20 years ago when I was at Monavae College.”

He wanted to know how Uncle Jim was and if they still had the Falcon. Uncle Jim has had a stroke and so he isn’t too well.

It really goes to show that it is a small world.

Learning To Swear Properly

Miky had the opportunity to learn how to swear properly on Saturday. We were stopped at a set of traffic lights at the end of Roberts Road at the front of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. Loftus Street in front of us was quite busy. It is a poor intersection as there are lights for traffic turning left or driving straight ahead and another set for turning right. So, as you can imagine, it is a large intersection. It gives plenty of opportunity to for vehicles to block the intersection.

And block it the bastards did. We sat there for three changes of lights. After the third change there was a small gap between two cars blocking the intersection. The woman at the front only had to move a metre forward, and she had the room, and we could squeeze through ok. After some waving from me she did so. But the bloody dickhead behind her, with his trailer, took up the gap. That left us blocking the road. The taxi driver behind us was now on our left, tooting his horn and swearing. The idiot in front of us could only give us a finger. If ever someone needed to be hit over the head with an iron bar it was then.

Miky got an excellent swearing lesson from me. I am sick to death of inconsiderate drivers. I don't believe that I could handle the traffic in a larger city. If Miky did know the swear words before she was given a lesson in how to use them.


Friends of ours are going to Macedonia soon. Their boy, Marko, is one of Yu-Jin's best friends and we really wanted them to spend some time together. So we organised a sleepover at our house. Miky would also get some driving practice to pick him up. Well, guess who locked the cars in the car? Well done Miky.

Luckily I had a key that opened the boot. It wasn't easy for a fat bugger like myself to get in the back in a hatchback. Nevermind.

Marko and Yu-Jin played and talked for ages. I read them a story and finally put them to bed at 20 past 11. Thankfully they didn't get up until 8:30. Lots of play in the morning and either they didn't like the way the breakfast was prepared or were too busy to eat it. We went for a drive and took them to the playground.

When we got home we noticed that the power was off. In fact, it had stopped just after we left home as some of the traffic lights were not working. Miky had planned to cook Shepherd's Pie for lunch when the rest of Marko's family were to come. Couldn't do a damn thing. Not even a phone call as the base unit requires power to operate. So we thought that as they were coming in half an hour we would go to McDonalds.

Well, they didn't arrive on time. It turns out that their real estate agent had forgotten her key for their home open and they had to wait for her. So we waited an extra two hours before having lunch. Yu-Jin had a birthday party to go to in the evening.

I'm glad that the boys were able get to play together. Even if had two minutes of being friends, two minutes of being enemies, etc, ad nauseum.

Birthday party

Yu-Jin's other best friend was having a party last night. Luckily Yu-Jin had a late lunch as we cooked our tea. Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes in a fire. We also cooked sausages on sticks over the fire. At least it was warm. The kids wanted to play in the tent or on the playground instead of sitting around the fire. After having trifle for cake the three boys at the party got to use some sparklers. Yu-Jin complained that he got a sparkle in his eye but I think that he just got some smoke. The boys must have been having a good time as I managed to get Yu-Jin to the toilet on time, twice. Too busy to think about bodily functions.

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