Thursday, July 15, 2004

Australia Post Grumble

I remember the good ol' days. You could post a letter and it would get to anywhere in the country in three days. Only two days inter-capital city. What has happened to this great service? Especially in the age of the service industry. If my mum posts something from country South Australia, three hours drive from the city of Adelaide, I can expect to see it in a week to 10 days! That's nowhere near good enough in my books.

Another gripe. Sending packages to Korea can only be done by airmail now. Apparently not enough gear was headed in that direction so they canned the service of surface (read: sea) mail. They didn't have too much trouble in returning something from Korea that was sent to our old address - when we had a redirection of our mail still valid!!

They should remove Australia from the name as the service is becoming very un-Australian.

Give The Greeks A Go

I hope the Greeks put on a good Olympics. They deserved to host them in 1996 by-the-way. I guess that there will be no jobs for ushers though. And how are the tickets allocations going where there are no seats to allocate them to?

I think it's high time that we stopped bagging them. Give them a chance to fall flat on their faces before we rub their noses in it. Who knows, it could still be a highly successful Games. I hope so. And I hope that the TV coverage is much better than the appalling level of crap that was dealt to us during the Sydney Olympics.

One thing is for sure. The Beijing 2008 Olympics will be huge. If there are any money problems they can just tax the entire population three cents a head and they could then afford to build anything they damn well want to. The Asians know how to put on a good show AND be graceful about it.

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