Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A World First… But Not For Spain Or The Philippines

Alexander Downer, or Bummer if you prefer, has said something that the world agrees with. Everyone except Spain or the Philippines that is. He made a statement that the removal of troops within Iraq by these two countries after threats made my terrorists had increased the risk of kidnappings and other evil acts by the terrorists. It would lead to an increased threat to Australia. Spain and the Philippines are quite pissed about it actually. But that's what happens when you give in to the terrorists.

For once in his useless life he is correct. By showing weakness and giving into the demands of the terrorists they are more likely to use the same tactic again. Why fight a real war when you can take a few foreigners from the street and get the army of their countrymen to pull out of the war.

Australian Idol Note

The show is all about singing. And nasty critique. What I find interesting is that when the show is on Yu-Jin is at the height of his play. The show doesn't interest him at all. Although, when they showed the people who couldn't sing he did sit there and laugh his head off. Last night we were playing some soccer in the passageway when a commercial that had a nice tune came on. Yu-Jin headed straight to the TV and stood in front, eyes fixated, until it finished.

Not interested in the show that is all about singing but one commercial captures his attention.


The temperature dropped to 1.4 degrees overnight. We were getting some doors put on out the back of the house and the workers had left them in the carport where Miky parks her car. That meant that she had to leave the car in the driveway. I got a bit of a shock to see how much frost was on the car. It must have been a 16th of an inch thick and was hard work to get off with a window scraper. I didn't want to put boiling water on the car for fear of cracking the windscreen.

It made for a chilly drive to work yesterday.

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