Sunday, May 17, 2009

Western Australia Confirms That It Is A Backward State

Yesterday Western Australia had a referendum on whether we wished to have daylight savings or not. For the last three years we took part in a daylight savings trial as the government imposed this upon us, as a responsible government elected to look after our wellbeing should do. The results are 55.5% "No" and 44% "Yes". It will be the biggest no vote in the four referenda held on the issue.

Talk about confirming your backwardness as a state. Much of my business dealings are on the east coast and instead of being two hours behind I'll be three. It'll be nearly lunchtime there before I get to speak to somebody. On the other hand, if I email them something after they finish work they'll have three hours to work on it before I start work.

Maybe I will be able to have my morning walk before starting work but say goodbye to an evening ride with The Boy after tea.

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Susan Ham said...

I knew you would not be happy if this were the result. I do, however, see your dilemma. I wish we did not have it for the length of time we do, as it goes two months too long, and we are rising in the dark by the end of it.