Monday, May 04, 2009

Special Taekwondo Training With Korean Grandmasters

There was a special taekwondo training course held last weekend. Two grandmasters from Korea visited. They were 10th dan Park Hae-man who helped developed the higher poomsae (patterns) and 9th dan Kwan (or Kwon) Young-woo (or Young-woon) who is a three (or five) times Korean national champion and former Korea special forces instructor. No two Websites spell his name the same, in English at least, or provide the same credentials.

Much of the lesson was done in Korean so the students were a little lost at times. Grandmaster Kwan was very entertaining for a man who must be about 70 years old. And I think that he could still kick most peoples' arses. He was lightningly quick.

The Boy with Grandmaster Kwan Young-woon (9th dan)

The Boy with Grandmaster Park Hae-man (10th dan)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a job well done Super warrior!! Annette