Thursday, February 03, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 24th January

We went to Naracoorte today to do some shopping and to visit the farm. I let Yu-Jin play on a train in the park firstly and then we had a look around the farm before heading into town to get some fuel. A couple of hundred litres of it, no less. No point in wasting those discount fuel vouchers. And the bonus points that will appear on the credit card statement. Yu-Jin went back to the farm with Grandpa while Mum and I did the shopping. Picked up a few more discount fuel vouchers along the way.

Bought Red Rooster for lunch. When we got to the farm Yu-Jin didn't want his lunch as he had had three pieces of raisin bread from Grandpa, who was worried about the amount of food left for him, and so we kept it for tea.

Grandpa shore a sheep and then got Yu-Jin to help him crutch a lamb. I have this on video, digital format (Quicktime), if anyone is interested. Probably not though.

Vege patch down on the farm

Meet the sheep

Grandpa shearing a sheep

Yu-Jin helping to the crutch the lamb

Thirsty work

Yu-Jin was obviously excited by all that was going on, including looking out for snakes while holding a shovel as he and Grandpa walked around the property, that he wanted to stay the night. My Dad stays on the farm overnight so that he can check on the diesel pump that is watering all of the back paddock. Grandpa didn't think that it was a good idea as he had to get up every two hours during the night.

Before heading home we went down to the irrigation channel. I wanted Yu-Jin to have a bit of a walk around in the water to cool down. It was about 35 degrees C that day. As soon as he entered the water he slipped over and got himself quite wet. That meant that the drive home was conducted with a sleeping boy with no pants on.

The irrigation channel that Yu-Jin almost went for a swim in

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