Monday, February 28, 2005

Looks Like A Cripple, Feels Like A Drink Driver

It wasn't easy to even hobble around on Saturday morning. I had to get Miky to drive me around. I know when I see a guy being driven around by his girlfriend/wife in a sports car I get the feeling that he is a drink driver who has lost his licence. And that about sums up how I felt.

I'm expected some emails regarding my male chauvinistic attitude but it is how I felt. Miky didn't particularly enjoy having to drive me around either. She even had to take me to the polling station for the State election and referendum on trading hours. A very large lady at the polling station asked me what had I done to myself as I limped in front of her. When I said it was a squash injury she said, "Serves you right." I said that I was trying to get fit but really wanted to say, "I want to get rid of this fat. Perhaps you should take it up a few nights a week." I don't know what stopped me.

I'm not too concerned that the Labor Party was re-elected as it means that Colin Barnett has fallen on his sword and we won't have to hear from him again. Perhaps somebody with some charisma, charm and spunk will lead the Liberal Party soon.

But the fact that Western Australians have fallen for the argument put forward by the independent retailers, who have a licence to print money by being able to open on a Sunday, that they would be gobbled up by Coles and Woolies and small business would be wiped out, has irked me somewhat. What a load of bull! Talk about living in the Dark Ages. What sort of a backwards thinking state do I live in. I find it too difficult to get all of my shopping done on a Sunday and who wants to join the ratrace on a Thursday night?

I don't think that we'll be having Daylight Savings anytime soon. Are there no forward thinking people in this state? Crikey, and I thought South Australians were conservative.


lori said...

i agree about how bloody conservative we are about some things.


Hammysmum said...

Conservative? We had to import our new DPP, for crying out loud! I wasn't aware that your government was even considering Daylight Saving. Do you want it? I think it should cease at the end of Feb. I wonder what was eating the woman in front of you at the polling booth? Nasty!