Thursday, February 03, 2005

He's Fine

Yu-Jin went to school yesterday before he could see the doctor about his arm. The doctor said that the arm was ok and that he should be fine. No need to wear the splint anymore. There was a nice bruise on the arm this morning however.

Miky took a couple of pics at school and he looks funny with a splint on his arm. Interestingly, Miky wasn't allowed to stay at school with him for his first day. Not that that did any harm. Yu-Jin has been in daycare since he was 18 months old and so it shouldn't bother him. I dropped him off at his new out-of-school- care centre and he was happy enough as there was another boy there that he knew from Technology Park Child Care Centre.

Looks like school is not going to be a problem for him. Dunno about me though. I left 15 minutes earlier than usual and still got to work at the same time. My day is just going to be eaten up, I can see.

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