Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm An Old Crock

I went to play squash last night. Miky warned me about a former flatmate who played squash for the first time and hurt her arse so much she couldn't walk properly. It was meant to get me fit. Not meant to get me an invalid pension. Yes, I picked up an injury.

The King of Squash Championship is a nice little tournament. There are four glass courts, which is a little difficult to get used to initially, and we had nine players. Numbers were picked from a cup to determine your playing court. Top court was no. 12 and no. 9 was the bottom court. If you win you go up, lose and you go down. Six matches were played, three of seven minutes and three of six minutes. Points are scored on every play.

I drew court 12. Got thrashed by Dean 21-10, although Dean admitted that I wore him out. That's when I picked up my first injury - a blister on my thumb. On the last point of the match I crashed into the wall and hurt my left shoulder. Not as serious as Matty Hayden though.

Felt alright after the first game - not too buggered. Spoke to Chris Lark, a squash professional who runs the competition, and asked him why he put me up against the no. 1 seed in the first game.
"He's the no. 2 seed. Fudz is the no. 1 seed."

Guess who my next opponent was?

I was leading Fudz 4-2 when he played a drop shot, his trademark shot as it turns out, and I lunged to reach it, pulled up quickly and felt something go in my right calf. That was it for the night. Magic spray and ice didn't help. The calf feels like it is experiencing a really bad cramp. Don't know if I've torn a muscle or just pulled one. This morning it is still really sore.

I guess I am an old crock. Yu-Jin gets his cast cut off and I go and join the injury list. Miky is NOT too pleased about it. She may have to do the driving this weekend. The drive home was interesting. I used my right foot for the accelerator but the left foot handled the brake. It's going to take a while to live this one down. And Miky never forgets. Or lets you forget for that matter.

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