Sunday, February 06, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 28th January

Up early, 6am, after a late night. Drove to Adelaide and it rained for quite a bit of the way. Arrived in North Adelaide for mum's visit to a specialist. Yu-Jin woke up just after mum and dad had left the car and so we walked around North Adelaide taking photos of wonderful old buildings. Took about 100 photos.

One really nice thing about that really conservative town of Adelaide are the lovely heritage buildings that survive. Quite a bit of history there and it looks marvellous.

Bought lunch and drove to Daphne and Malcolm Hunt's house. They are Adelaide Crows supporters so they deserved to get some stick. I remembered my childhood which involved a fair bit of meeting the old relatives and could understand how Yu-Jin possibly felt. "Who are these old people and will I ever meet them again?"

Did some shopping and looked for the hotel. They were offering valet parking for $19 and when we found it we drove around the block to turn around so that we could pull into the driveway. Well, this is where the fun began. Just after dad did a u-turn, the car conked out. On the street. We pushed it to the side of the road and were lucky that it was 6 o'clock and so the traffic wasn't too bad. I took all of the luggage to the hotel which was two blocks away and checked us in. Mum and Yu-Jin we able to go to the hotel and I helped dad to work on the car.

We spent about three quarters of an hour pfaffing about and found that a wire had fallen off the coil. That's all. Across the road was a cheap parking spot for $5 overnight. Much better than $19.

Had a lovely bath in the Rendezvous Allegra Hotel Adelaide, got dressed and had tea in the restaurant. Thought that the prices weren't too bad but I turned out to be only the price for an entree. Tea was quite nice though. I rang Miky and then dad and I went for a walk along Hindley St. Little bit tame by European standards I must admit.

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