Sunday, February 06, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 29th January

We arose at a reasonable hour this morning and walked to the Adelaide markets for breakfast. Yu-Jin had fish and chips for breakfast (!) and I had some lovely pancakes. Walked to Victoria Square to go for a ride to Glenelg on the tram. Once there we went to the jetty and for a walk along the beach. On the way back to the hotel we wandered through Victoria Square.

Checked out of the hotel and paid $11 for parking - bastards. They charged us for overnight parking and then for a few hours of daytime parking. I asked quite clearly last night, on more than one occasion, what time we had to get the car out and the guy said that we could park all day. I would rather have paid the $19 for valet parking and not have felt ripped off!

Went to the Brickworks which is a market and looked for a gift to get Miky. I found one stall where they engraved a copy of a photograph onto metal for a necklace or whatever and thought that that would make a great present. I even had a decent photo of Yu-Jin to work from. It turns out that I was the guy's first customer and he had opened his stall four days earlier.

Tried to ring a few mates from the airport on the way out as I hadn't had time to visit them. One had gone to Bunnings and I couldn't get the other guy's number from Directory (Non-)Assistance. Must be a yuppy who doesn't have a landline.

At the airport the security was pretty strict. Everyone but dad went through the metal detector and our carry on luggage went through the x-ray machine. I noticed that dad went through the metal detector ok but they took him aside for something from the x-ray machine. Next thing you know, he's disappeared. About ten minutes later he appeared. Poor old dad - he hadn't thought about the pocket knife that he was carrying! They didn't want to hang on to it for him and wanted to throw it away so he had to wander out to the car to put it away. He is so innocent. I don't know, what is wrong with security - not allowing someone to go to the departure lounge with a pocket knife. Whatever next? I did notice an old lady get a hard time after going through the metal detector.

Yu-Jin slept all the way after getting upset that the movie wasn't on. Even through the landing. They showed an episode of Kath and Kim firstly. It turns out that the old lady who had the problem with the metal detector sat next to me. I welcomed her by asking, "You must be the bionic woman?" Kath, nearly 80, had a metal hip and knee. All the security checks had made her unwilling to travel by plane again. She had to be felt up by a female security guard.

Perfectly well behaved

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