Thursday, February 17, 2005

New Definition - Moon Walking

Everybody thinks that moon walking is something that Michael Jackson perfected. I have a new definition, and the best practitioners are plumbers and builders. It involves some fat bugger walking along, in a pair of shorts usually, and his bum crack is showing. Therefore, he is mooning whilst walking, hence the term moon walking.


Yu-Jin and I have been watching the Spiderman cartoon on Channel 10 in the mornings. The jokes are corny, the cartoon itself is nothing spectacular, and it really is 1950s style humour. Can't imagine why it would be popular with today's younger generation. Interestingly, the movie has only been made recently due to progress in filming. Stan Lee, one of the creators of Spiderman, believed that the technology has only just become available to allow the movie to be created effectively. Based on the not-so-special effects from the cartoon, the movie could have been made years ago, IMHO.

Friendly People Get Up Early

A bike ride in the morning has become a regular thing for me. Mainly because I can't get up early enough to go for a walk. I have noticed that most people you come across in the early hours are friendly and will say hello. And it surprises me sometimes just how many people are out walking or riding. Mind you, there aren't too many young people involved in these early morning activities. I don't really have time for it at the end of the day.

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