Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Boys Will Be Boys

Got a phone call from the Childcare Centre yesterday. I dread it when somebody from there is calling. Yu-Jin was running around outside and fell over and hurt his arm. Yesterday was his last day and I received the phone call 15 mins before knock-off time. His arm had been placed in a splint after he had stopped using it.

Actually, he had run into another kid, fallen over, complained that it hurt, got some attention, and then ran back to the sand pit to play. One of the carers noticed later that he wasn't using his arm and alarm bells rang. So when we arrived we found it to be in a splint and he was getting lots of attention. That never hurts.

Last night I got him to flex his fingers without discomfort but he couldn't grab onto my hand. Same story this morning. Once I got to work I made a doctor's appointment for him and Miky took him to school for his first day. The appointment was in the afternoon following school. I'll let you know later on what happened.

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