Friday, February 18, 2005

Help At The Hospital

The other day when Miky took Yu-Jin to Princess Margaret Hospital she left her address book there. We received a phone call to ask us to collect it.

I rang from work just before 5pm. No answer.
I visited after work just after 5pm. Paid for parking. Difficult place to locate. Door locked. Guy next door said they were open from 8-4.
Called in early the next morning on my way to work. They were open but the lady who looks after lost property wasn't in until 8:30. Nobody else had key. Nothing was written in the lost property book. Didn't want to return during lunch and so I asked about posting it. Obviously they didn't want to ruin my reputation as I offered to pay for the postage and they refused. On two occasions.

I know they were trying to be helpful but it didn't feel like it. Thank you to those ladies anyway.

Verbal Instructions

Picked up the bed frame last night. The guy who constructed the pieces told me about the bolts to put it together and the verbal instructions that were with them.
"Verbal instructions, eh? Are you sure they aren't written instructions?"
"No, verbal instructions," was his reply.

Couldn't wait to get this home and listen to the verbal instructions. Was it going to be like the card from ANZ which played music when you opened it? It turns out that they were indeed written instructions and I didn't bother to read them. I am a man and we don't need instructions to follow when building something.

Nice smell of varnish filled the room.

Free Financial Advice

Received a phone call last night asking if I would like some free financial advice. Consultants would be in my area offering financial advice for free.
"What's this scheme about?" I asked.
The girl on the other end proceeded to ask if there was anybody working in the household, did we have any loans etc. I told her it was none of her business and that I didn't need her advice.

I am curious as to what they were trying to sell. And how many people they sucked in.

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