Saturday, February 12, 2005

FB Buys A Bed

Did some serious shopping today. First place we visited sold futons and all we wanted was a base. Found one that would do the job and the price was ok. Had a look at another futon place but they were $100 dearer.

Next stop was Bedshed. I had visited the store in Cannington last week and chosen the mattress that I liked - a pocket-spring version. It was on sale at $200 off and I thought that I'd be a smartarse and try to get it cheaper elsewhere. Being in sales myself I felt a bit guilty about this. But, what the hell.

Different store, same price. No budging on the price. Took my business back to Cannington's store which I felt good about. The guy, Christian, said, "Thanks for coming back, Mark," once the sale had been made. I didn't know what to say.

What I was thinking was "The reason I came back was that I couldn't buy the damn thing cheaper anywhere else."

I am a Frugal Bastard afterall.

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