Sunday, February 20, 2005

Old McDonald Had A Restaurant

To the tune of "Old McDonald had a farm".

Old McDonald had a restaurant
High cholesterol
And in that restaurant he sold burgers
Big Mac, cheeseburgers
With a salad here
Cola there
Here a cake
There a juice
Do you want fries with that?
Old McDonald had a restaurant
High cholesterol

Guess I'm not great at writing parodies.

AFL Best And Maybe-Not-So-Fairest

I'm with the oldies on this one. The Brownlow Medal goes to the best and fairest player in the league throughout a season. No dirty play, no suspensions or any misdemeanours. The best player who hasn't been found guilty of dirty play.

Is the AFL not happy with the talented and fair players that have won the medal in recent years? Why the change? Maybe change the award's name to the title of this blog. What kind of nutcake decided that it needed to be changed?

Perhaps it was the same bloke who decided that they should have a woman commissioner, just for the sake of it. I'm with Essendon, of course, Geelong and even those bastards from Collingwood with not having an extra commissioner just so that they can have a woman. You get one in there and she will realise that she is one of nine. That's not too fair - there should be at least four or five out of the nine being women. The current commissioners are the ones who will lose their positions. Popularists. People running organisations shouldn't be popularist. Look at John Howard. He runs corporation Australia and looks like an idiot when he tries to get the popularist vote. But I digress.

We'll see if they can bugger up our great game. You'll get dirty bastards like Greg Williams winning the Brownlow with these new rules. Hang about. He did win the Brownlow under the old rules. Hmmm, something should be done about the rules but they certainly shouldn't be relaxed. Perhaps banning all dirty Collingwood and Carlton players from winning the medal, i.e. the whole playing list, would do the trick.


James said...

Now, now Hammy, don't go picking on the MIGHTY MAGPIES. But its good to see that you included Carlton as an excluded team.

Nick Souter said...

iknow you posted that afl blog just so you could cop some flak back from it, bastard! Williams was not only a dirty player, but we also sold out to get him! 1995, 10 years since we bought our last premiership! Now Elliot's broke so we're stuffed!