Friday, February 18, 2005

Shame Perth's Women Drivers, Bloody Shame

Not a happy trip to work this morning. Whilst merging at an on-ramp to the Freeway I left enough space to let the bloke on my left stay in front of me and some woman driver decided to speed up and push her way in. Not very safe, quite rude, and pretty poor driving.

Worse was to come.

Driving down Hay St in West Perth and I was stopped at the lights. Lane on my left to go straight and mine also. Lane on my right was a turning lane. Lights change to green and I accelerate away from line. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the car on my right getting closer and closer. It was just about to sideswipe me, and would have cleaned up the traffic lights on the other side of the intersection anyway, when I managed to stop and blow the horn. The horn position on Ford Falcons is an abomination but I did get it to work. This woman stopped only a few inches away from my pannelling and then waved me on as if I could go. The stupid bitch was supposed to be turning and had no right to be going through the intersection. What was she thinking?

1BDX763 - Silver Toyota - look out for her.

Two intersections later she got into the turning-right lane again and wouldn't look in my direction. Not surprised. If her lip-reading skills were any good she would have a good idea of my feeling from beforehand. I put on the handbrake and put the car into neutral but forced myself not to get out of the car and point out that the arrow on the road means that you have to turn.

I may have lost it completely. As I have said before, there is not enough road rage for the idiots that deserve it.

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