Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Monsters Inc

I've mentioned before that Yu-Jin has been very busy colouring in monsters and putting all over the walls in his bedroom. Well, here are a few of the monsters in question.

Monsters Inc

Where's Mike?

.. and Sully?

AFL Tribunal Fixed Penalties

The fixed penalties system for offences committed during an AFL match appear to be working already. So far Carlton have lost Scott Camporeale for one week and that is very welcome news.

I hope this new system works. All too often players have been able to get off scott-free when they were guilty as sin. Take Jonathon Brown for instance. He should have had at least four weeks on the sidelines through suspension last year and got off because the charge was incorrectly laid. Definite overhaul of the system required. Let's hope it works. The more Carlton and Collingwood bastards that are rubbed out the better.

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James said...

You're only shitty with Collingwood because we beat you (rather convincingly) in the 1990 grand final