Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 21st January

Yu-Jin tried to get me up at about 7:30 am (5am Perth time) but I managed to get some more sleep until 8:30 before he finally annoyed me enough. We went to do some shopping and there was a park, Tolmer Park, across the road and Yu-Jin wanted to play. We did so, after the shopping mind you, and then I thought that the albino kangaroos were just down the road and that we should have a look at them. Spent a bit of time at the Bordertown Wildlife Park and saw lyre birds, emus, wallabies and the famed albino kangaroos. Not a lot of feed for the poor buggers though. Yu-Jin managed to feed one of the roos a weed.

In Tolmer Park



Albino Kangaroo

The Three Albinoes

My father goes for a nightly walk around the town and it generally takes him about an hour or so to complete. Tonight I joined him and we managed to collect 20 cans/bottles/cartons on the trip. Well, there is a five cents deposit on these items if purchased in South Australia so why shouldn't we pick them up? This figure matched the best collection that Dad had managed by himself on one of these walks.

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