Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 20th January

Miky started her detox program today - Yu-Jin and I left on holiday. No, she bought some hideously expensive product that told her to eat vegetables and drink plenty of water. She went to work early and left us to our own devices.

We caught a taxi to the airport and the driver, Samir, was good for a conversation. The taxi company now makes you pay an extra dollar if you may a telephone booking. That is going to raise them a bit of money.

While waiting for our plane, not the easiest thing to do with a four year old, I saw a guy that I studied with at uni. Just had to say g'day.
"G'day John, how you going?"
"Aaah, hi Kim."
Laughter followed. Even John's wife backed him up - I looked like his friend Kim.

Yu-Jin was very well behaved on the plane. When the stewardess asked if I wanted an activity pack I said, "Sure, and have you got one for my son?" I only took the one. It had a pack of cards and so we played Fish - Yu-Jin almost beat me.

Managed to get quite a few pics of the fires burning around Perth.

We had this young punk sitting in front of us. He was jumping around in his seat and walking on the armrests to get into the aisle. He was a right little jerk. I told him off at one stage and he almost started crying - toned down his childishness though. Little bastard destroyed his headset when we landed so I got one of the stewardesses to talk to him and he complained about his mother waiting for him and why should he be getting into trouble for talking to his friend (another unaccompanied minor as it turned out). She told him to wait for her so that she could talk to his mother as well. Needs a good deal of straightening out that boy.

Found Mum and Dad soon after landing and we went to my Grandmother's house for tea. I haven't seen her for a few years and Yu-Jin was on his best behaviour. He sat there and ate all of his tea by himself with no complaints.

Dad and I went for a walk along the beach which was only two blocks away. Yu-Jin said that he didn't want to go because it would be too cold. He was correct. The wind was a-blowing and it was cold. I managed to pick up some great scallop shells among others. Not the sort of thing that you find on Perth's beaches intact.

It was just after 9pm when we left and Dad drove out of the city. He let me have a drive for the next two and a half hours. We arrived home at 12:30 in the morning. Yu-Jin slept all of the way from the last set of traffic lights in Glen Osmond. Quick shower and off to bed.

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