Thursday, February 24, 2005

Detention Is The Only Answer - A Cynical View

You may, or may not, have heard about the case of a Chinese woman, Cui Yu Hu, who has been refused a visa to stay in Australia with her family. The first option is to deport her to China. Small problem - no airline will transport her because she is too frail. Perhaps the Australian Government should pay one or two hundred thousand dollars to charter a small Lear Jet and take her back to China in style. Not sure where they would leave her as she has no home, friends or family in China.

Now the government has come up with the solution - put her in a detention centre. Yes, she can't be a danger to the Australian public if she is locked away. Just think of the mayhem that a 104 year old Chinese woman, who probably doesn't speak any English, could cause in our streets. It would be criminal to allow her to freely roam the streets. Yes, lock her up and throw away the key. Even our mental patients would rather not stay in detention centres. Society is better off without illegal centenarians living amongst us and wreaking untold havoc. Untold because we've never had any.

If she stays locked up in a five-star detention centre for eight years then Australia could lay claim to having their oldest resident. Wouldn't that be something to look forward to?

What gets me is that the government has the power to lock someone in a detention centre for the rest of their lives, if no other country wishes to take them, but the scumbags of this country that need to be locked up for the rest of their natural lives aren't able to be. How bloody ridiculous is that?

Some Rubbish

A single mum has kid/s but no husband/boyfriend/partner. So what do you call a mum who has a husband/boyfriend/partner - a double mum?

If a blinding machine makes blinds what does an f'ing and blinding machine make?

"If you only see one movie this summer" - you either have kids/work too hard/think that all movies coming out of Hollywood are crap/can't afford to go to the movies.

Proof That Rugby Players Are Dumb

Let's see how clear cut this situation appears to be. Rugby team stays in a hotel. Rugby team has a curfew. Rugby team is told about the curfew. Coaching staff goes to be. Many of the rugby team get drunk and break down a door in a girls' dormitory at a college. One member of the rugby team sexually assualts, remember this is after 3am, one of the girls by feeling her up.

What transpired - rugby club gives rugby player one hour to show due cause as to why he shouldn't be sacked. Rugby player is sacked. Rugby player thinks that it is unfair that he was sacked. Rugby player feels that rugby team didn't give him enough support.

How dumb is this guy? Who in their right mind would support his highly inappropriate actions? He only got kicked out of the club, not quite out of society like he should be. How can he not realise that most of Australia feel his actions were abhorent?

And rugby league wants to educate their players. What is happening in schools and in the homes of people such as these?

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Nick Souter said...

Yes, it's all pretty stupid that Chinese woman situation. I guess you take the good with the bad when you live in a (so called) free country like Australia. We have 100 rules in order to make it fair, but no matter how many rules you make there will always be an exeption, it's impossible to cover every situation. It's tough on old people too because they aren't of any value to Australia economy-wise, so the computer tells them to leave and writes a letter before any human checks the actual situation over.