Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Do The People On Radio Have No Conscience?

This morning on the very long trip in to work, as there was a breakdown on the Freeway, I heard an advertisement for the Mercedes Sprinter. Obviously reasons for the name. The next advert was for road safety "Drop 5, Save Lives".

Not a lot of thought went into putting those ads together.

My Heart Was In My Mouth

Just after dropping Yu-Jin off this morning I was stopped at some traffic lights where we had two lanes of traffic each way. A boy, maybe six or seven, approached the median strip on my right hand side and then walked in front of my car. Now, traffic in the lane to my left was moving rather freely. A car went by and then this kid just ran across the road. No looking or anything. Slight shock set in. I could just see this kid getting cleaned up. A car did have to slow down for him but the boy has no road sense, whatsoever.

I can see why so many pedestrians get killed. I'm just surprised that there aren't more during the peak hours.

Pole Top Fire Irony

Perth has been affected by quite a few blackouts in recent days. The ironic thing is that they are caused by the rain. Yes, you did read correctly, rain. Western Power has told us that dust has settled on the insulators on the power lines and with a bit of drizzle it makes a short between the lines. The wooden power pole catches fire and you have a few thousand people left without any power for a few hours.

Apart from a few deaths that this kind of problem has lead to recently, the Labor Government may lose power, electorally speaking, because of this issue.

In The WTF Department

Lots of incidents whilst driving to work this morning. I did see one woman, as I drove in front of her car, who had a towel draped across the drivers side window to keep the sun out. The fact that she couldn't see anything out of her side window obviously didn't bother her. I found the image quite disturbing - how on earth did she think that she could drive safely?

Chain Letter - At Long Last

Not that I want people to start sending me chain letters but I finally received one today from Thomas Aka in Liberia, Africa, asking to help his family out with the $15.5m worth of gold etc that they had. In return for helping him to get it out of the country I could take 25%. What a nice fellow.

Bugger. He said that I shouldn't tell anybody - it must remain confidential.

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