Saturday, February 05, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 26th January

Australia Day - I've been waiting to get some of my friends together to have a BBQ. Just the thing to do on Australia Day. And it was 39 degrees C. Just the weather for a BBQ. Typical in fact. My mate Kev, his missus Barb and her kids Chloe and Ben came up as did another mate James and his son Blade.

From the left: James, Hammy, Kev, Blade and Lachlan

The barbie was a bit slow to get started which allowed the salads to be delivered by my sister. Yu-Jin was really waiting for his cousins to come as they are much closer in age to him than Ben and Blade. Yu-Jin had a good time mucking around with his cousins and he had been dying to give them some activity packs and chocolates that I had bought for them. In fact, because I had forgotten them a few nights before when we visited them he got really upset with me.

Yu-Jin, Lachlan and Riley

I got the skateboards out of the shed and we had a bit of a muck around. The boys found an exercise bike in the shed and so, in 39 degrees, we had races to see who could go the fastest. There is life in the old boy yet as I got up to 34 miles per hour - about 55 km/h.

Dad and I went for another walk tonight and collected 23 cans/bottles/cartons. Another thunderstorm approached and missed us again. Most disappointing.

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