Wednesday, February 23, 2005

From The Mouth Of Beckham

I see that David Beckham has spawned again. And he and Posh called their latest arrival Cruz, which is Spanish for "cross". I did see him admit that, "It was hard this time," to find a name for the baby.

Excuse me. I would go so far as to say that he didn't appear to do a great job the last couple of times either. I'm just wondering if it has anything to do with cruzeiro, the currency of Brazil. Is he planning to move to Brazil or is there the likelihood of some sponsorship from Brazil?

Call me a cynic.

Crash On The Kwinana Freeway

I spent 40 minutes on Mill Point Rd yesterday on the way to work. It normally takes on 5-6 minutes. Some idiot had stolen a car, along with three of his mates and had been chased down the Freeway by the police. He then crossed to the wrong side of the road and collided head on with a taxi. The taxi driver is in a critical condition, the driver is ok (isn't that always the way?), one of his idiot mates is dead with another injured and one guy escaped.

The police blocked the whole of the Freeway. I was late for work but I feel really sorry for the people heading south - they were banked back for miles and had no way to go except get off at South Perth.

The driver of the stolen car was apparently on parole for car theft! Bring back capital punishment I reckon. One less, along with his accomplices, blight on society. There is no room in our society for these idiots.

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The Cutlers said...

Hey you look like Chopper Reid in one of those pics. I knew there was a similarity I couldn't put my fingers on!