Thursday, February 10, 2005

Just Like Stirling Moss

When I am out and about having a walk I feel just like Stirling Moss - the famous British racing car driver. He said that whenever he was driving he couldn't help but think about exit routes in case of an emergency. It harks back to his days as a racing driver. Back then you had to be prepared to exit the race track if there was any trouble ahead. It was instinctive rather than reactive. When he drives these days it is the same thing.

Now, getting back to me, my favourite subject, when I'm out for a walk I can't help but see bottles, cans and cartons. Thanks dad, for reintroducing me to this. I feel like Stirling Moss, there's an exit, all the time.

Maybe it is only me that understands.

It's A Small World

I had a phone call on Monday from a wholesaler. He gave me his first name and I needed to get his email address to send him some info. When he said his surname something went "ding" in my head. It was the same as the people we bought our house from.

Now this guy was from Busselton, which isn't too far from Bunbury, where the former occupants of our home moved to. I asked him if Carol was his mother. No, she wasn't. Then I explained why I asked and that it had been a bit of a long shot and then he said, "Was his name Brent?"
"He's my uncle."

This may seem strange but if I were to ask you if your mother's name was Carol and she happened to be your aunty don't you think that you would mention that? If I hadn't done a bit more explaining I wouldn't have found out.

Like they say, it is a small world.

Dawdling Dog

Out for a walk this morning, pretending to be Stirling Moss, and I came past one bloke who was walking his dog. The dog was dawdling behind him however. Said "G'day" and kept on my way. After visiting the Post Office I returned home and bumped into him again. The dog was still dragging his heels behind his owner.

I said to the guy, "I've got a four year old like your dog."

I dunno what it is. Going for a walk with Yu-Jin you have to hold his hand to make him keep up. Otherwise he falls behind. I don't think the guy understood my comment. He was so shocked to bump into me again at that hour of the morning (just after 6).

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