Saturday, February 05, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 27th January

Visited Lorraine and Ashley Geeves this morning. They live in Great Grandma Jones' house - my mum's grandma. Her father built it for his mother around 1942. We did some shopping down the street and I let Yu-Jin play in Apex Park for a while. After lunch I did a few things on the computer for my mum.

Great Grandma Jones' House

Apex Park in the centre of Bordertown

Later that afternoon I took Yu-Jin to the Bordertown Memorial Pool. It was the first time that Yu-Jin has been in an outdoor pool. He enjoyed it enormously. Lots of smoke surrounded the pool as there was a fire in Ngarkat National Park.

Just as we were about leave I noticed one bloke and it turned out to be Sandy Crawford, my old physical education teacher. He has been at Bordertown High School for 26 years. Apparently the Biology Pool has been filled in for car parking. You may also notice that the house on the corner of the Bordertown Primary School has been knocked over.

Dad and I walked about 7 or 8 kilometres tonight in 1 hr and 45 mins and collected 98 cans/bottles/cartons. A record that will stand for ages no doubt.

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