Saturday, February 05, 2005

Trip To Grandma's House - 25th January

It was 40 degrees C today, and at just the time that I was cleaning the back verandah. This morning we went shopping and mum bought an electric shredder. I popped into Bordertown Visitor Information Centre to pick up some postcards. Chris Mackerath started crapping on about the tourist sites in Bordertown, "Oh, we have white kangaroos in the park nearby." I mentioned that I grew up in the town and she continued to babble on and then said, "What did you say?"

The Bordertown Hotel, i.e. The Pub

The disused Bordertown Railway Station

We went for a drive around Snob Hill on the eastern side of Bordertown and past Clayton Farm. I read all of my old letters from friends overseas and shredded them. Later that night when I rang Miky she mentioned that I should keep all of them. I got rid of them because I was sure that she didn't want me to keep them.

Shed on Clayton Farm

As I mentioned earlier, it was a big cleaning effort. I cleaned up the verandah in the heat of the afternoon and then did the pantry floor. Dad was still down at the farm so I was on my own. Later in the evening a thunderstorm approached the town but stopped just on the outskirts. Yu-Jin and I checked it out a few hours later and it was in the same place. Bit eerie that. Did see some smoke from a fire started by lightning in Western Flat.

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