Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Do Number Plates Play On Your Mind?

They do on mine. In Western Australia we have new number plates that start with "1" followed by three letters and three numerals. The first letter was "A" but we are now well into the "B"'s. I can't help but read the plates as acronyms.

For Example:

1AFL123 - Australian Football League
1ACS383 - Automated Control Systems
1BLF893 - Builders Labourers Federation
1ACT373 - Australian Capital Territory

Yeah, you're probably right. It is just some more crap that goes through my head.

Riding The Men's Way

Yu-Jin and I rode to Bunnings on Sunday to pick up the paper. On the way back I suggested we go "the men's way" instead of "the girls' way" - i.e. the long way instead of the short way.

What should have been a five kilometre ride turned out to be an eight kilometre ride as we found out that the bridge only one kilometre from home had been closed for maintenance and we had to backtrack almost the whole way. It didn't make him go to sleep any earlier, let me tell you.

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