Saturday, October 01, 2005

Peace and Harmourny - What Does It Mean?

Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander Bummer, attended an International Conference for Peace and Harmony in Sydney yesterday. Draped in the background was a large banner with "Peace and Harmourny" and do you think I can find a picture on the Net to share? What is harmourny and is there any significance in the fact that his speech included muslims and the word "armour" is included?

I have more questions than answers. It's about time we heard from the Minister for Education and his thoughts on the spelling abilities of Australians.

Things Are Looking Up

I had to visit a couple of my customers yesterday and one of them offered me the job of a project controller!! Hmmm, I've always said that I would rather plant trees for the government than work for them again. I wasn't happy with the way I was treated before although this would be an office job, not that of a pleb on the floor.

How Rude

As I mentioned the other day one of our sales reps finished up. We had the farewell speech and he was presented with a gift by the company and the guys in Systems Sales gave him a bottle of Chivas Regal 12 years old Scotch Whisky. I've had it for seven years since buying a shaver and it was a good chance to get rid of it. Getting paid to give it away was a bonus.

Instead of the usual stand in the front of the office and have a few beers we went to the pub. The guy leaving is well liked and I think it showed. I drove him home afterwards, no more company car for him, and was telling him how much I had learnt from him over the nearly two years I had been with the company when he cut me off and said, "I have to go inside. Goodbye."

How rude. Did he think that I was just crapping on and pissing in his pocket or was it that his time with our company was up and he no longer had to care about any of his former workmates? I was most annoyed but don't worry as I'll soon get over it. I'm not looking for sympathy here.

Sage Advice

For those of you that read blogs I have found a useful tool called Sage. It is a small plug-in for Mozilla Firefox browser and allows you to add RSS links from news sites or blogs. The display of the sites is quite nice, if a little featureless, but that is the whole point. If you wish to remove the advertising and links and just read the content then it makes a lot of sense to have this plug-in.

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Hammysmum said...

Perhaps you don't know this bloke as well as you thought. You are probably right, he probaly couldn't wait to get away from everthing that reminded him of the job. That does NOT excuse his rudeness, though.