Friday, October 14, 2005

Be Grateful That Seagulls Are Scavengers

On the morning walk today I noticed 14 seagulls bitching and carrying on over a McDonalds french fries packet and I thought to myself, "If only seagulls were more caring and sharing of their fellow bird just how many of them there would be." Then I thought that we should be grateful that they remain scavengers.

Look at the human population explosion. Instead of hunting and gathering all the time, and let's face it that is what the seagulls are still doing, we managed to settle down and get enough food together in communities. Storage of food was a particularly important development and we don't need to fight for food anymore. Unless you live in the earthquake-ravaged parts of Pakistan, that is. The people there resemble seagulls at the moment.

So, if seagulls were able to use their birdbrains and just think things through a little bit better they would be able to provide for all and their population would explode. Be happy that they are annoying birds desperate to get their share. It keeps their numbers down.

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