Saturday, October 22, 2005

More "Hammy needs" - In Case You Needed To Read More

Stumbled across a few more needs for Hammy.

Hammy needs a night on the town! - But does the town need Hammy?
Hammy needs to connect to a PenguinSecure server and try again - Sounds a little rude.
Hammy needs a kick up the backside - Nope, I had one when I was younger.
Hammy needs to adjust his video - No, signal strength is fine and all the channels are tuned.
Hammy needs diapers - Gee, I'll have to import them as we don't have them in Oz.
Hammy needs to get his head out of his arse - Sometimes I couldn't agree more.
Hammy needs to arouse some interest - And this is what I'm using? Doomed.
Hammy needs a new PDA - Still got the one I bought 15 years ago, or was it 10?
Hammy needs food n water u know!!!! - no shit, Sherlock.
Hammy needs to see a pout - That's a month away yet.
Hammy needs a jukebox - iTunes does me at the moment.
Hammy needs to get rid of his SIG - beats me what the hell this means.
Hammy needs (at minimum) an effective Back-up - Hammy does not need to getted backed-up.
Hammy needs to pull Ish's dick out of his butt - Not true. Who is telling stories about me?
Hammy needs more metal looking glasses - I do look more intelligent with glasses but my eyes are fine.
Hammy, needs some testing - I like IQ tests.
Hammy needs fresh wood shavings every week or two - Topped off with chocolate topping please.
Hammy needs to go on there just because he's so cool - One of my few fans.
Hammy needs six months in the Bahamas to recover - From what? Exhaustion, running out of crap to rabbit on about?
Hammy Needs Scan - Only if the public health system covers the cost.
Hammy needs some lovin' - I think Google is prying again.
Hammy needs to report the roper - Is this some rodeo term?
Hammy needs a specialist home - I don't have special needs.
Hammy needs to get out of the house - If you've read this far you probably do too.
Hammy needs feeding - Damn right. It's breakfast time.

Hammy needs to get ready to go and play golf so he'd better finish this post.

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