Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Computer Is Telling Me Bad Things

I discovered something very nasty last night. My computer gave me the following message.

"Windows could not start because of an error in the software.
Please report this problem as:
load needed DLLs for kernel.
Please contact your support person to report this problem."

I hope Google can help me out as I can't even boot from a disk. Scheisse.


Ben said...

This is an operating system problem I feel. Are you using a current virus scanner?

Worse if your hard disk is damage.

Hammy said...

Yep. I will buy another HDD to suck all the data over before trying a in-place upgrade. I don't wish to lose what is on the drive and I'm not looking forward to reinstalling all my applications, again.

I've done a bit of research this morning and got some info from Microsoft's site. Google has served me well.