Thursday, October 06, 2005

We've Got A Sly One On Our Hands

Yu-Jin is not allowed to eat lollies. A couple of times whilst he has been in Korea with his mum he's had teeth problems requiring a visit to the dentist. Hence the lolly ban.

He's nothing if not sly, this one. The other day when mum was at work he disappeared for a short time. My brother-in-law came home and noticed that the lift was going up and then down, followed by a brief period of going up, again in an upwards movement, etc ad nauseum. A rather strange thing to happen with no-one apparently getting on or off. The apartment where they are staying is on the seventh floor.

What has been deduced is thus; my son received a lolly from his drawing class teacher and because he knows that he isn't allowed to eat it he snuck out of the apartment and went to the elevator and pushed the buttons to go up and down so that he could eat it and no-one could see him.

The kid has some style, I'll give him that. True, nobody saw him but suspicions were raised nonetheless. Perhaps he's a chip off the old block.

Maybe I won't teach him to put the biscuit tin back in exactly the same place after he has taken what he wants so that his mother will never notice. Think I told my mum recently that I did this as a kid and she never suspected a thing.


Hammysmum said...

Whilst I think this is amusing, I am also concerned about the lack of supervision he is getting.

Hammysmum said...

News to me, son, about the biscuit tin! I probably didn't notice because of the old peepers.

Hammy said...

Yes, I think that he will be a wild little bugger for a little while when he returns to my control.