Friday, October 14, 2005

What's The Time Mr Ham?

I was checking out Dawn's Frugal for Life blog yesterday and she has written a piece on time measuring devices and how she hasn't had one strapped to her wrist for three years. Mainly because there is a proliferation of time measuring devices in her surrounds. Good point. I have lots of time measuring devices at my place and my suspicions were that none of them would register the same reading.

This morning I put that suspicion to the test. Not quite Mythbusters-style though. Not big budget at all.

Watch - 6:35
Video/DVD - 6:36
Clock radio - 6:49 (I like to get up 15 mins early to listen to the sport before making a move in the morning)
Microwave - 6:33
Clock/barometer/thermometer - 7:05 (It's cheap, nasty, a gift and broken)
Computer clock - didn't have it on
Telephone - 6:23
Stereo - 6:34
Clock - 6:39 (Amazingly I do have one of these time-telling pieces [wedding present])

Yes, my suspicions were correct. Funny thing is that even though no two pieces of equipment tell the same time I am still a very punctual person. When I go for my walk I can usually tell what the time is to within a couple of minutes as I have a fair idea of how long it takes to get to each point along the way.


ben said...

This time stuff reminds me of World War I. An order would come form Head Office miles behind the front line, attack at 6:00am.

The attack started at 6:00am according to an officer's watch. 2 Min later shells from their own side started falling on them. The artillery watch and that of the officer were not synchronised.

On another occasion, a general decided that an attack is to begin in 30 min, he sends a runner to the front with the order. He ran to the front and gave the order to the officer in charge, “You are to attack in 30 min.”

ben said...

Another runner gave the order like that: "You are to attack in 10 min", another one, "you are to attack in 2 min", another one, "You should have began your attack 10 min ago."

Hammysmum said...

I wonder, do you get your amazing time calculation ability from your father? You could set your clock by him. If he wanted to get up at 6.00 am, he would be awake by 5.30. Now, he is awake at 4am regardless.

~Dawn said...

See, It doesn't matter what your clock is set at. You are who you are....

I will always be 15 minutes early to places and my mom will always be atleast 15 minutes late.

Hammy said...

I remember having to get up at 4:30 to drive to Adelaide and dad never having to set an alarm clock to get up. I can't recall us ever being late because he had slept in either.